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Surname Saturday ~ THOMSON / THOMPSON of Scotland and Ipswich, Massachusetts

Alexander Thompson was one of Cromwell’s Scots prisoners of war sent to New England to be sold into servitude. These men from Scotland were fighting for the crown in the English civil war.  The captured men were marched to London and loaded on prison ships or taken to America.   I have also covered another ancestor, William MUNROE, who was also a prisoner on board the John and Sara, listed along with Alexander Thompson on list dated 11 November 1651.  These Scots from the John and Sara and other ships were sold on the docks as indentured servants.

We don’t know where Alexander Thompson served as a servant, but sometime after his period of indenture he settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts and married Deliverance Haggett in 1662.  She was the daughter of Henry Haggett of Wenham, Massachusetts.  In 1667 there was a complaint filed against John Clerk of Wenham by Alexander and Deliverance Tomson.  While Clerk was visiting their home he tried to kiss Deliverance.  (Essex Quarterly Court Records 3:438)

Thompson’s will was dated 21 November 1693 and proved in April 1696.  He left all his estate to his wife as long as she remained a widow, and then two thirds of his real estate went to his son David, and one third to younger son John.  The two brothers were to pay five pounds to all the other siblings.

My Thompson genealogy:

Generation 1: Alexander Thompson, born about 1636 in Scotland, died about April 1696 in Ipswich, Massachusetts; married on 19 September 1662 in Ipswich, Massachusetts to Deliverance Haggett, the daughter of Henry Haggett and Ann Unknown.  She was born about 1643 in Ipswich.

Generation 2: Sarah Thompson, born about 1671 in Ipswich; married 3 January 1704 in Ipswich to Joseph Ingalls, son of Samuel Ingalls and Ruth Eaton.  He was born 23 December 1666 in Ipswich, and died in 1724. Five children.

Generation 3: Mary Ingalls m. William Allen
Generation 4: Isaac Allen m. Abigail Burnham
Generation 5: Joseph Allen m. Judith Burnham
Generation 6: Joseph Allen m. Orpha Andrews
Generation 7: Joseph Gilman Allen m. Sarah Burnham Mears
Generation 8: Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 9: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

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