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Surname Saturday ~ GOULD of Topsfield, Massachusetts

1872 Topsfield, Massachusetts from

I have two lineages from Alexander Gould of Maine (click HERE to see these) and two lineages from Richard Gould (1530 – 1558), whose children came to Essex County, Massachusetts (and two of those children were my ancestors).  This post is for my Massachusetts GOULD lineages.

Richard Gould lived in England and had two wives, Elizabeth Young and Mary Colder.  With Elizabeth he had six children and at least three three came to New England; John  (1573 – about 1633) who settled in Amesbury, Priscilla (b. 1585, who married John Putnam in Bovington, Buckinghamshire and settled in Salem; and Zaccheus (1589 – about 1668) who settled in Topsfield.  I descend from Priscilla and Zaccheus.  There is a Jeremy Gould who settled in Rhode Island, who is probably another sibling.

Priscilla Gould’s husband John Putnam received a 100 acre grant in Salem in 1641 and by the time he died in 1662 he owned more than 800 acres, and was very wealthy.   Three of their sons all spent their entire lives in Salem, and had descendants, and a daughter, Elizabeth, married Richard Hutchinson (her brother, Nathaniel, married Elizabeth Hutchinson).    Some Putnam descendants were involved in the 1692 witch hysteria, especially the family of Priscilla’s brother Thomas Putnam.  His daughter-in-law, Ann (Carr) Putnam and granddaughter, Ann Putnam, Jr. (1679 – 1716) accused over 60 people of being witches.  (See my lineage from Priscilla Gould below)

Zaccheus Gould married Phebe Deacon in England.  They had six children, one son and four daughters including a daughter named Priscilla Gould (1625 – 1663), my 8th great grandmother.  Zaccheus settled in the part of Ipswich, Massachusetts that became the town of Topsfield.  He left all his estate to his son, John Gould.  Priscilla Gould married John Wild, who was a witness against her brother, John Gould (1635 – 1710) during the 1692 witch trials in Salem. (See my lineage from Zaccheus Gould below, and click HERE for my post about the WILD/WILDES family.)

The Zaccheus Gould homestead is still standing at 85 River Road in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  It is a private home, and was probably built by John Gould for his father. See this Wikipedia article for a photo and story:    The Topsfield Historical Society has also restored the Captain Joseph Gould (the great grandson of Zaccheus Gould) barn, circa 1710, and you can see a photo and story at this link: 

Some GOULD resources:

Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis, by Walter Goodwin Davis, 1996 (also on CD-ROM), Volume II, pages 50 – 57 for sketch of Zaccheus Gould.

The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield, by Benjamin Gould, 1895 (also online at

My GOULD genealogy:

Generation 1:  Richard Gould,  born about 1553 in Stoke Mandeville, died 1604
Lineage A:

Generation 2:  Priscilla Gould, born about 1585 in Bovington, died in Salem, Massachusetts; married about 1611 in Bovington to John Putnam, son of Nicholas Putnam and Margaret Goodspeed.  He was born 17 January 1570/80 in Wingrove or Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire, England, and died 30 December 1662 in Salem, Massachusetts. Four children.

Generation 3: Nathaniel Putnam, born 3 September 1619 in Wingrove, Buckinghamshire, died 23 July 1700 in Danvers (Salem Village);  married on 3 September 1652 in Salem to Elizabeth Hutchinson, daughter of Richard Hutchinson and Alice Bosworth.  She was baptized on 30 August 1629 in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, England and died 24 June 1668 in Salem.  Seven children.

Generation 4: Elizabeth Putnam married George Flint
Generation 5:  George Flint married Jerusha Pope
Generation 6: George Flint married Hannah Phelps
Generation 7: Phebe Flint married John Flint
Generation 8:  Olive Flint married Luther Simonds Munroe
Generation 9: Phebe Cross Munroe married Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 10: Albert Munroe Wilkinson married Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 11: Donald Munroe Wilkinson married Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandmother)

Lineage B:

Generation 2:  Zaccheus Gould, born 1589 in Bovington, died after 20 March 1668 in Topsfield, Massachusetts; married about 1617 in England to Phebe Deacon, daughter of Thomas Deacon and Martha Field.  She was born in April 1597 in Hemel, Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and died 20 September 1663 in Topsfield.  Six children.

Generation 3.  Priscilla Gould, born about 1625 in England, died 16 April 1663 in Topsfield; married about 1645 to John Wildes.  He was born about 1619 and died 14 May 1705 in Topsfield.  Eight children.

Generation 4:  Sarah Wildes married Edward Bishop
Generation 5: James Bishop married Sarah Holmes
Generation 6:  Sarah Bishop married Daniel Poland
Generation 7: Martha Poland married Alexander Mears
Generation 8:  Samuel Mears married Lydia W. Burnham
Generation 9:  Samuel Mears married Sarah Ann Burnham
Generation 10: Sarah Burnham Mears married Joseph Gilman Allen
Generation 11:  Joseph Elmer Allen married Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 12: Stanley Elmer Allen married Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


Heather Wilkinson Rojo,  "Surname Saturday ~ Gould of Topsfield, Massachusetts", Nutfield Genealogy, posted August 8, 2015, (  accessed [access date]). 


  1. Wow! Double cousin connections - Zaccheus Gould through his daughter, Frances and Priscilla and her son, Nathaniel, through his son, John.

  2. I'm descended from both Zaccheus and Priscilla also!

  3. I was working on my Gould line back in July. Zaccheus Gould and Phebe Deacon our my 9th great grandparents. Thank you! The following is a great resource that I first located at the NH Historical Society Tuck Library in July:"The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield" By Benjamin Apthorp Gould.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer, for the link to the Benjamin Gould book at google books. As you can see in my post, it is also available at Don't you just love the Tuck Library for genealogy research? It's one of my favorite local libraries!