Friday, April 15, 2016

New House 1969! Photo Friday

It looks like I took this photo, although I would have only been about seven years old at the time.  We moved to Holden, Massachusetts from Beverly in January 1969.  I remember when my Dad installed the sign on the light post in front of our house that spring. I "helped" by handing him tools and screws.  Perhaps this photo was taken the same day?

So here are Mom, Dad and my little sister posed in front of the new house and the new sign.  When my Mom sold the house about twelve years ago the light post and the trees were still there, although the trees were huge.  The birch trees came down when I was still a little girl.  I think they were damaged in an ice storm.  But those oak trees grew so big I remember that, on more than one occasion, they were hit by cars backing up out of our driveway.

Scenic Drive was a nice, woodsy neighborhood.  When we moved in there were kids in every house on the street.  Everyone walked to school about a mile away, and we never lacked for playmates. Most of the winding, hilly streets were full of new ranch or colonial style homes, built during the baby boom.  It was a great neighborhood to grow up in, and I have a lot of fond memories.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "New House 1969!  Photo Friday", Nutfield Genealogy, posted April 15, 2016,  (  accessed [access date]).


  1. What a precious memory. I especially like your mom's glasses.

  2. As a neighbor growing up here too, this has brought back so many memories. -Gary Lockwood

  3. As a neighbor, your picture has brought back so many memories. Thank you. -Gary Lockwood

    1. Thanks, Gary! You are very lucky to still be living on Scenic Drive. I keep driving down to see Scenic Drive every time we visit Mom. We were lucky to grow up there, weren't we?