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Surname Saturday ~ SANBORN of Hampton, New Hampshire

The SANBORN memorial stone,
Founder's Park, Hampton, New Hampshire

I descend twice from the famous Reverend Stephen Bachiler of Hampton, New Hampshire.  My first Batchelder line descends from his son Nathaniel (1590 – 1630) down to my great grandmother Carrie Maude (Batchelder) Allen (1872 – 1963).  My second Batchelder line descends from daughter Ann Batchelder (b. about 1602) who married John Sanborn.   Their son, John Sanborn, Jr.(my 9th great grandfather)  was about age fifteen when he came to the New World in 1632 with his grandfather and two brothers.  His father arrived in New England at a later date, and his mother perhaps never came to America and died in England. 

John Sanborn, Jr. received his house lot and land in 1640 in Hampton, New Hampshire.  In 1645 he received another grant of land.  He is in the court records frequently for selling and buying land, witnessing documents and for suits against his neighbors for trespassing.  In 1650 John Sanborn, Jr. was first elected a selectman, and held that position several more times over the years.  He served as a Lieutenant in King William’s War (1689).   When he died in 1692 the inventory of his estate was recorded by his neighbors, amounting to 294 pounds and 14 shillings.

John Sanborn married first Mary Tuck and had eleven children. Then he married Margaret Page, the widow of William Moulton, and had my 8th great grandfather, Jonathan Sanborn (1672 – 1741).  He married Elizabeth Sherburne in 1692, had twelve children and removed to Kingston, New Hampshire.

Some SANBORN resources:

A Collection of Sanborn Family Genealogies,  compiled by Elmer Corliss Sanborn, Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1994.  (An addendum was published in 1996).

The American and English Sambornes: With A Notice of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, by Victor Channing Sanborn, 1895.

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register “The Sanborn Family” by Nathan Sanborn, Volume 10, pages 271 – 280 (continued in a later volume).

New Hampshire Genealogical Record,  “The Diary of Jonathan Sanborn of Hawke from 1774 – 1813” by Melinda Lutz Sanborn,  Volume 14 (1993), pages 80 – 83 and 115 to 129.

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My SANBORN genealogy:

Generation 1: John Sanborn, son of John Sanborn and Ann Batchelder, born about 1620 in Brimpton, Berkshire, England and died 10 October 1692 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married first to Mary Tuck; married second to Margaret Page, daughter of Robert Page and Lucy Warde, widow of William Moulton. 

Generation 2: Jonathan Sanborn, son of John Sanborn and Margaret Page, born 25 May 1672 in Hampton, died 20 June 1741 in Kingston, New Hampshire; married on 4 February 1692 in Hampton to Elizabeth Sherburne, daughter of Samuel Sherburne and Love Hutchings. She was born 5 February 1672 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Twelve children.

Generation 3: Margaret Sanborn, born 20 March 1698 in Hampton; married on 9 January 1714 in Kingston to Moses Sleeper, son of Aaron Sleeper and Elizabeth Shaw. He was born 22 February 1685 in Hampton, and died 23 January 1754 in Kingston.  They had fifteen children born in Kingston.

Generation 4: Hepzibah Sleeper, born 24 March 1742 in Kingston; married in 1760 to Samuel Lane, son of Samuel Lane and Elizabeth Blake.  He was born in 1741 and died 15 January 1822 in Hampton Falls.  Nine children.

Generation 5: Sarah Lane, born 24 March 1769 in Hampton Falls, died 27 February 1819 in Pittsfield, New Hampshire; married Elisha Batchelder, son of David Batchelder and Elizabeth Swett.  He was born 10 June 1763 in Hampton Falls, and died 11 October 1813 in Pittsfield. Four children.

Generation 6: Jonathan Batchelder, born about 1800 in Hampton, died before 4 November 1847 at the Concord State Asylum; married on 11 February 1822 in Belmont, New Hampshire to Nancy Thompson.  She was born about 1804 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire and died after 1847.  Two children.

Generation 7: George E. Batchelder, born 13 August 1822 in Chichester, New Hampshire, died 3 April 1848 in Chichester; married 7 September 1845 in South Boston, Massachusetts to Abigail M. Locke, daughter of Richard Locke and Margaret Welch.  She was born 10 September 1825 in South Boston, and died 15 January 1888 in Chichester.  Two children.

Generation 8: George E. Batchelder, born 8 October 1848 (posthumously), died 28 July 1914 in Cambridge, Massachusetts; married on 28 October 1869 in Chichester to Mary Katharine Emerson, daughter of George Emerson and Mary Esther Younger.  She was born 25 December 1847 in South Boston, and died 23 April 1932 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Nine children.

Generation 9: Carrie Maude Batchelder, born 22 September 1872 in Chichester, died 21 January 1963 at the Sea View Convalescent and Nursing Home in Rowley, Massachusetts; married on 1 November 1892 in Essex, Massachusetts to Joseph Elmer Allen, son of Joseph Gilman Allen and Sarah Burnham Mears.  He was born 24 September 1870 in Essex, and died 12 March 1932 at the Masonic Home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.  Five children.

Generation 10: Stanley Elmer Allen, born 14 January 1904 in Cambridge, died 6 March 1982 in Beverly; married on 14 February 1925 in Hamilton, Massachusetts to Gertrude Matilda Hitchings, daughter of Arthur Treadwell Hitchings and Florence Etta Hoogerzeil.  She was born 1 August 1905 in Beverly, and died 3 November 2001 at the Pilgrim Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Peabody, Massachusetts. Seven children. (My grandparents).


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  1. My Sanborn Connection:

  2. Stephen Bachiler is my 10th gr uncle. Ann and John Sanborn are my 10th gr grandparents

  3. Hey Heather! I have just been researching William Sanborn, brother of John. I believe that their father's name is unknown. In the bio of Stephen Bachiler, Robert Charles Anderson says that Ann Bachiler married Unknown Sanborn. Also in a 1991 article for the New Hampshire Genealogy register George Freeman Sanborn, wrote that the Sanborn Association is still searching for the father of the three Sanborns. V.C Sanborn in his 1898 book posed as a theory that William (not John) Samborne of Brimpton might be the husband of Ann and father of her sons. I don't think anything new has come to light. If so, please let me know. Happy Holidays!

  4. I am decended from John Sanborn (b.1681) to Daniel (b.1702) to Daniel Squire (b.1731) to Jonathan Hobbs (b. 1759) to Jonathan (b.1782) to Joel (b. 1806 -my 2nd great grandfather) to Gardner (b. 1837- my great grandfather) to Arthur (b.1883- my grandfather) Interestingly enough, my grandfather married his Sanborn cousin, Addie Belle. They shared a common grandfather, Joel. Do any of these names sound familiar to anyone?