Friday, April 8, 2016

The General John Stark House, Manchester, New Hampshire

General John Stark (1728 - 1822)

The house now known as the General John Stark House in Manchester, New Hampshire was actually built in 1736 by the General's father, Archibald Stark.   The General, who was born in Londonderry, lived in this house until 1765, and two of his eleven children were born there.   The house was originally located along the eastern bank of the Merrimack River near present day Canal Street.  It was moved in 1968 when the Amoskeag Falls bridge and roadway project was begun.  The house was moved to Elm Street, to a parcel of land that was also part of the original 800 acre Stark farm.

The General John Stark House is now owned and operated by the Molly Stark Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Some of the original farm land is now Stark Park, where you will find the General's family burial plot.   April 27th, John Stark Day, is celebrated every year at the Stark Park by the Friends of Stark Park, the DAR and local re-enactors.

For the truly curious:

The General John Stark House
2000 Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire

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