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Surname Saturday ~ BLAKE of Hampton, New Hampshire

People much more experienced at genealogical research have been searching records in England and New England for the origins of Jasper Blake and his wife, Deborah Everard.  I’ve never seen such bunk online pertaining to a New England family, and it appears that all those online reporters never pick up a genealogical journal.  Not only was this family researched through many journals, but they were researched by some of the best genealogists out there including George Sanborn and Melinda Lutz (Sanborn) now Byrne.   These articles are not new, but were written back in 1999.  No excuses for those too lazy to look outside of the internet for information on the BLAKE, EVERARD and DALTON families.

These articles used the extended family of Rev. Timothy Dalton (1577 – 1661) to piece together the kinships of three Dalton immigrant siblings, including Sarah Dalton (1595 – 1630), the mother of Deborah Everard (1628 – 1678), wife of Jasper Blake.  In an article in the NEHGS NEXUS, Volume 16, page 199 “Great Migration Diary” by Melinde Lutz Sanborn she bemoans the fact that Rev. Timothy Dalton, although he was a prominent person, was missing many documents, and “Not only was Rev. Timothy’s hand a reprehensible scrawl, he barely bothered to record his own children and seems to have missed his sister’s burial.”

With seasoned genealogists having problems tracing this family, and with the internet making a further tangle of the extended family, I spend a long time preparing this Surname Saturday post- including starting over with this entire branch and updating lots of dates and kinships.  I hadn’t looked at this lineage in over 20 years, and it was worth poking around to see that a lot of work had already been done on the English origins of the EVERARD family.  Stay tuned for a Surname Saturday on the EVERARDs soon at this blog.

Jasper Blake, my 9th great grandfather, probably arrived in New England with his wife’s uncle, the Reverend Timothy Dalton, who came to Hampton replace the aged Rev. Stephen Bachiller (who is also my 10th great grandfather.   The first record he left on the books was his signature on a 1647 deed for Rev. Dalton.  Later, he received a 100 acre farm from Rev. Dalton as a gift to his “loving kinsman”.  This was a big clue to the surname of Jasper’s wife, who is an EVERARD, not a DALTON.   George F. Sanborn, Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn puzzled out the relationships in a lengthy article “The Dalton Cluster: Timothy Dalton, Philemon Dalton, Richard Everard and Deborah (Everard) Blake” published in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 154, see pages 276 and 277 for the Blake family.

Jasper Blake was described in records as a mariner, and as a farmer.  A deed named him as a fisherman.   It has not been proven that he was from the BLAKE family of Wimbotsham, Norfolk, England, which had many family members named “Jasper Blake”. 

Philemon Blake (1671 – after 1741), my 8th great grandfather,  was one of the original signers of the covenant that organized the Hampton Falls church in 1712.  He served in King William’s War in 1690 and Queen Ann’s War in 1709.  He owned land in Chester, New Hampshire.   His daughter, Elizabeth Blake (born 1699) married Samuel Lane in 1722 in Hampton Falls.

Notable Kin:  Supreme Court Justice David Hackett Souter, and also Bernice Blake Perry (1905 – 1996), New Hampshire’s first female aviatrix (see Janice Webster Brown’s blog post )

Other BLAKE resources:

New England Historic Genealogical Register, Volume 20, pages 57 – 59

Also Register, Volume 154, pages 259 – 289.

Descendants of Jasper Blake Emigrant from England to Hampton, NH, ca. 143, 1649 - 1979, by Carleton E. Blake, Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1980.

My BLAKE genealogy:

Generation 1:  Jasper Blake, born about 1623, died 1674 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married about 1648 to Deborah Everard, daughter of Richard Everard and Sarah Dalton.   She was born about 1628, baptized on 2 June 1628 in Woolverstone, Suffolk, England and died 20 December 1678 in Hampton.  Eleven children.

Generation 2:  Philemon Blake, born 23 May 1671 in Hampton, died after 1741; married on 20 January 1697/8 in Hampton to Sarah Dearborn, daughter of Henry Dearborn and Elizabeth Marrian.  She was born 9 November 1675 in Hampton and died after 1671. Eight children.

Generation 3:  Elizabeth Blake, born 1699, married on 11 January 1722 in Hampton Falls to Samuel Lane, son of William Lane and Sarah Webster.  He was born 4 August 1698 in Hampton and died 9 January 1776 in Hampton Falls. Seven children.

Generation 4: Samuel Lane m. Hepzibah Sleeper
Generation 5:  Sarah Lane m. Elisha Batchelder
Generation 6: Jonathan Batchelder m. Nancy Thompson
Generation 7: George E. Batchelder m. Abigail M. Locke
Generation 8: George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 9: Carrie Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 10: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


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