Monday, July 18, 2016

First grant of land in Nutfield, June 1719

A lot map of Nutfield from Willey's Book of Nutfield

Nutfield, June 1719

Laid out by order of the Commite of the above said town to William Humphery a Lott of Land in said Town Containing sixty acres and is bounded as followeth begining at a pine tree marked at the west corner at the hed of a Greit swamp from thence running east south east to a birtch tree marked standing in the swamp and so Continuing the same coarse to a stake standing by haverill line Joyning all the way upon Alexander Nickols lott from thence runin north as haverhil line runs unto a Chestnut tree marked standing by the afore said Haverhil line from thence runing south west to a greit dry chestnut tree marked and so continuing the sam line to a log bridg and ash tree Joyning John Bars lott and from south thence to the bounds first mentioned* to gather with an intrest in the common or undivided lands within said Township equall to oather Lotts in said Town.

                                            David Cargill
                                            James Gregg
                                            Samll Graves
                                            John mcneel
                                            Hew mnt Gumery
                                            John Goffe

Recorded this 10th of January: 1720/21
                                            Pr John Goffe Town Clerke

*Written over the last four words is the statement "Alexander Nikolses Lott"

transcribed from Early Records of the Town of Londonderry, Windham and Derry, N.H. 1719 - 1745, edited by George Waldo Brown, Manchester, NH: Manchester Historic Association, 1914.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "First grant of land in Nutfield, June 1719", Nutfield Genealogy, posted July 18, 2016,  ( accessed [access date]).

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  1. How fun to see this again! I am descended from both Thomas Steele and John Morrison, seen on the map. By marriage, I am also distantly related to the Gregg and Allison families as well.