Monday, July 4, 2016

Horrible's Parade, Fourth of July 1966, Naples Maine

It's traditional in New England to have a Horribles Parade on the Fourth of July.  If you don't know what that is, you can read more about it at this past blog post HERE.    When I was very small we used to have a Horribles Parade up at my uncle's summer camp on the Crooked River in Naples, Maine.  Here are some silly photos.

Mom as a keystone cop, my little sister ( dressed as?), Me as a Chinese peasant (see the coolie hat?), and my Father all dressed up in his winter clothes complete with a snow shovel.   Silly costumes were encouraged for Horribles Parades. 

After parading around the neighborhood with American flags and fire crackers, we all would end up wading into the Crooked River with our costumes.  We must have frightened off those folks in the canoe.  It looks like they are paddling pretty hard to escape the madness!  My Dad looks like he is waist deep in the water with his heavy winter overalls, overcoat and shovel.  What a nutty bunch!

These are my aunt and uncle, who owned the cottage, acting silly on the 4th of July.  That's me in my costume on the front stoop of the camp with some of my many cousins.  I wish I could remember which cousins, but I had 29 first cousins and its hard to remember who is who! It might be my cousins Joey and Gary. 

I wish I had more photos of these old Horribles Parades with my family.


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  1. There is still a Horribles Parade in Winthrop, MA each year.