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Surname Saturday ~ SHATSWELL of Ipswich, Massachusetts


A widow named Judith Shatswell (my 11th great grandmother), with five children under the age of 21, died in Sibbertoft, Northampton, England around 1616.   Four of these five children all removed later to the New World.  The name of Judith’s husband is unknown.   Her sons, John and Theophilus, removed to Ipswich, Massachusetts.  A daughter, Margaret, married Mathias Corwin in 1620 and removed to Southold, Long Island.  Mary, born about 1605, the youngest, married John Webster in England about 1630, and they removed to Ipswich, too. 

A long article in the NEHGS Register describes the will and the court records dated as late as 1627 in which Judith’s estate was still being investigated in the chancery court.  It describes how she died intestate, but an extensive inventory was taken by relatives and neighbors.  These court records give an account of the extended family.  Matthew Curwen and his wife, Margaret Shatswell, and her three siblings Theophilus, Sibyl and Mary,  filed a complaint that a man named Smith had with held their portions of Judith’s estate.  Curwen vs. Smith helps with the ages of the Shatswell siblings, and states that Judith died eleven years earlier.

There was a William Shatswell (relationship unknown) who came to Ipswich with four of the siblings named above around 1633.  He could be one of the mysterious, unnamed uncles in the chancery case Curwen vs. Smith.   Mary, my 10th great grandmother, had married John Webster and they had eight children, including Stephen Webster (about 1636 – 1694), my 9th great grandfather.  John Webster died in 1646 and Mary remarried to John Emery as his second wife, and had two more children.

It is interesting to note that Sarah Platts (1735 – about 1803), my 5th great grandmother, who was the wife of George Southwick (about 1726 – before 1808), my 5th great grandfather, was previously married to Francis Shatswell (1731 – before 1760), the  great great grandson of John Shatswell, the brother to Mary (Shatswell) Webster. 

More SHATSWELL resources:

“A New Look at the Corwin and Shatswell Families”, by David A. MacDonald, New England Historic Genealogical Register, April 1996, Volume 150, page 180 -189.

Genealogy WEBSTER Revised, Peabody Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, page 152

There is a sketch of the immigrant John Shatswell in the Great Migration Begins, which outlines his siblings, too.

UPDATE - A post by Gordon Harris "Early Homes of the SHATSWELLs" in the Stories from Ipswich blog:

My SHATSWELL genealogy:

Generation 1:  Unknown Shatswell, born about 1574 in Sibbertoft, Northampton, England, died about 1606 in Sibbertoft; married about 1595 to Judith Unknown, born about 1578 and died about 1616 in Sibbertoft.  Five children.

Generation 2:  Mary Shatswell, born about 1605 in England and died 28 April 1694 in Newbury, Massachusetts; married about 1630 in England to John Webster.  He was born about 1606 and died before 29 September 1646 in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Eight children.

Generation 3: Stephen Webster m. Hannah Ayer
Generation 4: Abigail Webster m. Samuel Berry
Generation 5: Jotham Berry m. Mary Bates
Generation 6: Rachel Berry m. Ithamar Mace
Generation 7: Abigail Mace m. Simon Locke
Generation 8: Richard Locke m. Margaret Welch
Generation 9: Abigail M. Locke m. George E. Batchelder
Generation 10:  George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 11:  Carrie Maude Batchdelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 12: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Surname Saturday ~ SHATSWELL of Ipswich, Massachusetts", Nutfield Genealogy, posted July 9, 2016.  ( accessed [access date]). 


  1. The Shatswell family is one of the earliest to arrive in Ipswich. A small building that was moved to the Collins-Lord property on Jeffreys Neck Road is believed to have been the original planters cottage of John Shatswell or his son Richard. It may have been built as early as 1646. View the cottage at

  2. The oldest section of the Tuttle – Lord – Shatswell house at 88 High Street in Ipswich is said to have been built before 1690 as the home of John Shatswell, who came to join the Ipswich settlement in 1633 with his wife and four children.

  3. Good morning, cousin! One of our multiple shared lines - I am descended from John and Mary Webster's son, Israel, brother of your Stephen. :)

  4. You and I are double cousins through this line, Heather.

    --Mary Shatswell & John Webster > Abigail Webster & Abraham Merrill > Prudence Merrill & John Bartlett > Ehud Bartlett & Elizabeth Lunt > Abigail Bartlett & Dr. Samuel Ordway > Samuel Ordway & Sarah Morse > Sally Ordway & Nathan Long > Moses Edwin Long & Almira Runnels > Minnie Almira Long & Charles Albert Kilborn > Mattie Almira Kilborn & Clarence Leroy Webster (my grandparents)

    --Mary Shatswell & 2nd husband, John Emery > Stephen Emery & Ruth Jacques > Sarah Emery & Richard Dole > Abigail Dole & John Plummer > Anna Plummer & Thomas Kilborn > Daniel Kilborn & Anna "Nancy" Uran > Albert Plummer Kilborn & Abigail Tuttle > Charles Albert Kilborn & Minnie Almira Long > Mattie Almira Kilborn & Charles Leroy Webster (my grandparents).

    1. It's fun to make another cousin connection, but even better to find a double cousin connection.

  5. Wow Interesting, Guess im another cousin . my aunt told me about the same information that we came here in 1633 and the family name was Shatswell