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Eduardo Zato por favor!

Hola, Eduardo!

Mi esposo es el nieto de María Consuelo Martín y José Garcia Rivero. Vivimos en los E.E.U.U. y yo soy la autora de este blog. Recibí tu commentario que hicistes anonimamente en el articulo de las tres hermanas Martin. Se que eres el nieto de María Joaquina, y hijo de Gerardo en Barcelona.

Por favor, mandame un email a Me gustaria mucho comunicarme contigo y saber más de la familia. Hemos visitado a la familia en Madrid y Villar de Ciervo varias veces pero a Barcelona solo hemos ido una vez, antes de las Olimpiadas en 1992.

Hello Eduardo,

My husband is the grandson of Maria Consuelo Martin y Jose Garcia Rivero. We live in the United States and I am the author of this blog. I received the comment you made anonymously on the post about the three Martin sisters. I know that you are the grandson of Maria Joaquina, son of Gerardo in Barcelona.

Please reply to my email at We would love to communicate with you, and learn about your branch of the family. We have visited the family in Madrid and Villar de Ciervo often, but we visited Barcelona only one time, before the 1992 Olympics.

Last week I was looking at the statistics for my blog, and I noticed many hits on several old posts about my husband’s family in Spain. In the search terms for I noticed that someone was searching for the name “Nicanor Zato”, who was my husband’s great uncle who had passed away in 1993. For several days someone searched for this name. My husband was laughing at me because I was talking to the computer, “Who are you? Leave a message!”

Well, finally, two days ago, someone left a message. It is my husband’s second cousin in Spain. Someone we have never met. But they chose to leave it as “Anonymous” so I have no way of returning the message. Thus, this blog post. I hope it catches his eye, and we hear again from him very soon!

Generation 1. Mateo Martín y Manuel Ventura
Generation 2. Manuel Martín y Josefa Rivero; m. 23 January 1904 in Villar de Ciervo, Salamanca, Spain
Four Children born in Villar de Ciervo:
1. Maria Joaquina Martín b. 21 December 1904, d. 25 October 1989 Madrid, m. Nicanor Zato
2. Nicolás Martín m. Inés Rodriguez Moreno
3. Luisa Antonia Martín b. 13 June 1906, d. 4 March 2004 Madrid, m. Joaquín Garcia Rivero
4. María Consuelo Martín b. 11 November 1908, d. 29 April 2001 m. Jose Garcia Rivero

The blog post about the Martin sisters was posted on 25 August 2010, and can be seen at this link:

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