Monday, January 31, 2011

¡Gracias Eduardo!

Josefa Rivero and Manuel Martín
photo taken before 1937
(Josefa died 11 November 1937)
Thank you, Eduardo, the mystery cousin for sending this photo of his (and my husband's) great grand parents, Josefa and Manuel, married 23 January 1904 in Villar de Ciervo, Salamanca, Spain. Eduardo kindly sent me a nice email with the family links to their common ancestor. The email has been flying back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean these past days, with lots of photos and information changing hands.

It is amazing how technology can inform and unite long lost families, separated by immigration and distance!

Please see my post from 29 January 2011

Manuel Martín was born about 1880 in Barcelona, and died 10 September 1971 in Villar de Ciervo, Salamanca, Spain. He was the son of Mateo Martín and Manuela Ventura.

Josefa Rivero was born 23 October 1884 in Villar de Ciervo, and died 17 November 1937 in Villar de Ciervo. She was the daughter of Manuel Rivero and Orofila Gonzalez. I was able to find her ancestors online at the new via the scanned and transcribed images of the church records from Villar de Ciervo.

                        4. Jose Ribero
              2. Manuel Rivero
                        5. Agapita Serradilla b. about 1800 in Guadapero
1. Josefa Rivero
                                     12. Ramon Gonzalez
                        6. Agustin Gonzalez, d. 1884
                                    13. Ynez Zamorreño
            3. Orofila Gonzalez
                                     14. Francisco Garcia b. abt 1776
                                                   d. 14 September 1852 Villar de Ciervo
                       7. Ana Maria Garcia
                                      15.  Inocencia Bentura d. bef. 1852

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  1. Good news Heather. Now, you've a lot of work to do on this family.