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J. A. Koso's Mace Genealogy Project

Caswell Cemetery Star Island
The ancient Caswell Cemetery on Star Island,
One of the Isles of Shoals
photo by InAweOfGodsCreation
J. A. Koso is a distant cousin and has authored a website on the New England Mace Family. He has been researching the descendants of Robert Mace of Gosport (c 1652 - c 1733) from the Isles of Shoals off New Hampshire and Maine, for about three decades.

The project has many lines charted to the 20th Century. Many branches traced throughout the United States. The website also has links for the sharing of Mace family photos:

If you have a Mace in your family, J. A. Koso would like to hear from you. He has been working on a manuscript, and collecting Mace family information. The Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Mace of Gosport, New Hampshire is in the process of being compiled for publication in both book and CD-ROM.

Here is an excerpt of J. A. Koso's manuscript on the Mace Family Tree:

43. ANDREW4 MACE (Richard3, Andrew2, Robert1) was baptized Hampton, New Hampshire, 25 December 1757,[1 ] and died Readfield, Maine, 6 April 1845.[ 2] He married (1) East Kingston, New Hampshire, 15 March 1779, JANE HALE.[ 3] She was born [town], New Hampshire, around 1756, and died Readfield, Maine, 11 September 1794, at age 38 years.[4 ] She is possibly the daughter of Eliphalet and Elizabeth (-----) Hale who was born Exeter, New Hampshire, 9 May 1751.[ 5] He published for marriage(2) Readfield, Maine, November 27, 1795 and certificate issued Readfield, Maine, December 15, 1795, SARAH/SALLY BROWN. She was born Readfield, Maine, 5 September 1768, and died there, 27 March 1845, at age 77 years.[ 6]

Revolutionary War Service: Private in Captain Ezra Currier's company of Colonel Abraham Drake's Regiment of New Hampshire militia raised to re-inforce the Continental Army near Stillwater September 1777. Served from 8 September 1777 to 16 December 1777 (3 months, 8 days). Corporal in Captain John Eastman's Company of Colonel Thomas Bartlett's Regiment of militia raised by New Hampshire for defense of West Point 1780. Served from 7 July 1780 to 24 October 1780 (3 months, 17 days).[7 ]

He served as sergeant in Capt. Quinby's New Hampshire Company in the Revolutionary War.[8 ]

“Chapter 86: Resolve on the petition of Andrew Mace, Granting him a pension for the loss of his hands while performing military duty. On the Petition of Andrew Mace of Readfield, praying for Relief from Government, for himself, and his family, under the Distressing Misfortune of losing both his Hands, by the discharge of a piece of Artillery, while performing Military duty under the Orders of his Commanding Officer, on the first Tuesday of May - 1804.

Resolved for Reason set forth in said Petition, that there be allowed and paid out of the Treasury of this Commonwealth to Andrew Mace, the sum of twelve dollars a month from the time he received his wounds to the present day, and hereafter the same sum pr. month to be paid him semiannually untill the further order of the General Court.

And be it further Resolved that there be paid to the said Andrew Mace from Treasury of this Commonwealth, the sume of one hundred and fifty dollars, as Compensation for his expense and Suffering, while under the Care of his Phisicians February 15, 1806.”[ 9]

He is listed as a Defendant in an Ejectment Cause in June of 1802 in Readfield.[ 10]

They resided in District 1 - East Readfield where they were members of the East Readfield Methodist Society and appeared on the Readfield Voters List.[11 ]

Children of Andrew Mace and Jane Hale born East Kingston, New Hampshire[12 ]:

i Polly5 Mace, b 15 August 1779; d [place] 25 May 1862; m Readfield, Maine, 22 February 1801, John Young
Children of John Young and Polly Mace born Farmington, Maine[12 ]:
a. Lois Young, b 27 May 1801; m Hiram Cole; 9 children
b. Dolly Young, b 11 March 1803; d - August 1887; m Elijah T. Jacobs
c. Helena Young, b 24 January 1805; m Almond Dillingham
d. Mary Jane Young, b 1807; d 1893; m 1834, Henry W. Priest[14 ]
e. Rosina Young, b 20 March 1809; m [place], 6 February 1838, Joseph A. Bruce; 4 children; res. Creighton, Nebraska
f. John Hale Young, b 5 January 1811; m [place], 17 April 1837, Mary Ann Bruce
g. Eliza Ann Young, b 28 October 1812; m [place, date], Alfred D. Barker
h. Julia Ann Young, b 18 November 1814; m(1) [place, date], John Dyke; m(2) [place, date], ___ Baker
i. Joanna/Joan Young, b 19 July 1817; d 1896; m [place], 1842, John A. Hamblin/Hamlin[ 15]
j. Joel B. Young, b 30 April 1819; shot California/Mexico border
k. Aaron Dudley Young, b 22 April 1821; d 1854; went to California for the Gold Rush
l. David I. Young, b 6 March 1823; m fall 1845, Abbie J. Farnham; 10 Children b, 8 d. y.
m. Abigail Butterfield Young, b 21 December 1824; m Norwich, Connecticut, 3 July 1849, Oren Bennet Gibson; 7 children

80 ii Richard J. Mace, Senior, b 27 July 1781
iii Anne Mace, b 25 January 1783; m pos. Readfield, Maine, c 1803, Abizah Scott
Children of Abizah Scott and Anne Mace born [place][ 16]:
a. Albert Scott; m Alivda Mayo
b. Nancy Scott; m Henry ____
c. Mary Scott; m Hiram Averill
81 iv Andrew J. Mace, b 8 December 1784
82 v Isaac Mace, b 25 February 1786

vi Jane Mace, b 16 July 1789; m pos. Readfield, Maine, 26 December 1809, Joseph Morrill

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  1. This project has been going on for at least a decade. When will it be published?? the website has zero information.

  2. Hi Martha. The site is intended as a source of photographs.

    If you desire more information contact me
    (J. A. Koso) at:

  3. still trying to find Andrew Mace from 1816,born in Massachusetts.Trying to verify what a professional genealogist determined.