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King Kalakaua in Boston, 1875- Amanuensis Monday

King Kalakua
This statue is located in Waikiki
 I had a surprise the other day when I saw a mention of King Kalakaua visiting Boston on one of his many tours of the United States. I knew he loved travel, and he had a grand trip around the world in 1881. His sister, Queen Lili’uokalani visited Boston twice. The first time was with Queen Kapi’olani on their way to Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in 1887. Her second visit to Boston was when she arrived in January 1896, recently deposed, and on her way to consult with President McKinley about the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

I had bought Ralph Kuykendall’s three volume History of The Hawaiian Kingdom in the gift shop at Iolani Palace last summer. It is an enormous work, so I’ve just been using it as a reference. Perhaps I should read the entire thing someday, because there are so many fascinating things I’ve found inside! I was curious. What was Kalakaua doing in Boston? With whom did he visit and socialize? Did he visit with his sister’s family? Members of the “Hawaii Club” of Boston? I'll be looking into this mystery in the next few weeks.

The New York Times, published 4 January 1875, found at Google News Search



Special Dispatch to the New-York Times

BOSTON, Dec. 3.- The King of the Sandwiches
spent a quiet Sunday. This forenoon he attended
service at the Park Street Church, at the invitation
of Hon. Alpheus Hardy, who gave him the mis-
sionary reception, and listed to a sermon by
Rev. George L. Walker D.D., who alluded to the
King’s presence in the prayer, wherein he prayed
that the favor of the Lord might be upon
him and his people. In the afternoon and
evening the King lounged about his
apartments, declining all invitations to go
out, and even to take a sleigh ride on the mill-dam,
but Gov. Kapena, Alderman Clark, Col. Shepard and
Lieut. Palmer took a brisk trip over the course.
To-morrow the King will be hurried about at a
lively pace. In the morning he rides withersoever
the city committee choose. In the afternoon he will
receive the officers of the army and navy at present
in this vicinity, and in the evening will attend the
opening of opera bouffe at the Globe Theater. The
next day he visits the public schools, meets the
merchants of the city in the rooms of the Board of
Trade, goes to see Lotta at the Boston Theatre in
the evening, and the next day he goes to Lowell
and St. Johnsbury, Vt. This is the programme
as at present arranged. It may be changed,
the trip to Lowell being set down for Tuesday instead
of Wednesday.”
Did you know that King Kalakaua was the first monarch to attend a state dinner at the White House? See the story at Time Magazine article, January 19, 2011 "King Kalakaua Goes to Washington, 1874",28804,2043087_2043088_2043115,00.html


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