Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Flint Family of Lyme, NH - Not so Wordless Wednesday

Five generations of the Moses Flint Family resided or were born here in this house in Lyme, New Hampshire.

The Flint Homestead on Flint Road
Lyme, New Hampshire 1890s
Built by Moses Flint (1769-1843) about 1794
pictured are the family of George Flint (1805 -1878), his son

The Flint Homestead, 1913
the wife and daughters of Walter Moses
grandson of George Flint

The Flint Homestead, 2003
The husband and children of Dorothy Uicker Winger,
the granddaughter of the youngest child in the above photo.
They were just visiting.  The house was sold when Walter Moses Flint died in 1957.

Gen. 1. Moses Flint m. Elizabeth Spaulding
Gen. 2. George Flint m. J. Newhall
Gen. 3. Moses Lyman Flint m. Mary Abbie Richards
Gen. 4. Walter Moses Flint m. Elizabeth E. Marston
Gen. 5. Elizabeth J. Flint m. John Joseph Uicker
Gen. 6. John Joseph Uicker, Jr.  m. Ann Schumacher (Dorothy's parents)

There is an article in the Manchester Union Leader newspaper, dated 16 November 1903, about the Lyme house being in the Flint family for 100 years.

Thanks to my readers Dorothy Uicker Winger and her uncle, Tom Uicker, for the information and photos.

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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