Friday, June 10, 2011

Follow Friday- A Very Grave Matter

My ancestor, George Jacobs,
his gravestone is listed on A Very Grave Matter
with a nice history of George and the graveyard
 One of my very favorite websites is “A Very Grave Matter” by Jenn Marcelais. I discovered it years ago, before blogging, before joining RAOGK, and before If you have colonial ancestors in Northern New England this is THE site for not only finding a photo of a gravestone, but the pertinent genealogical information behind it.

This is an entirely volunteer effort by Jenn. She doesn’t have a staff, nor scores of volunteers helping her, but over ten years she has documented over 15,000 gravestones across New Hampshire, Massachusetts Maine and Vermont. I can tell you I’ve found dozens of my ancestors in her database, and use it frequently to find information on distant cousins and allied lineages.

However, Jenn is badly in need of new camera equipment to continue her project. When I think of all the gas, time, trips to cemeteries and archives that she has saved me, it is well worthwhile donating to her cause. Just a few bucks, or maybe the cost of a tank of gas would help preserve this project and keep this website going for a few more years.

Please click on  to support Jenn Marcelais’s efforts to purchase new camera equipment. There is a running gauge to tell you how close she is to her goal of $1,6000. A Very Grave Matter!/pages/A-Very-Grave-Matter/283947800098   A Very Grave Matter at Facebook, the best way to get updates on the latest photographs, documentation and news.

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Thanks so much for posting this Heather!

  2. Heather,
    I too use this website, greedily taking needing information with little thought as to how it magically appeared on the internet. Thanks for highlighting this camera acquisition project. I don't want Jenn's magic to I hope she meets her goal soon.

  3. Heather, have you heard any updates on what will happen to / about Jenn's website and all of her hard work? 'Tis unfortunate indeed that we are no longer able to view her wonderful photos and research.

    1. The last I heard is that someone has stepped up to be the administrator of the website. The photos have all been removed in the meantime. The text info remains on her website now, but it is not the same without the photos.