Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mom and Dad in Mexico, 1959 - Not so Wordless Wednesday

It's summertime!  Let's post some vacation photos from the past...

When my parents first married in 1958 Dad was a salesman for Encyclopdia Britannica.  He won a grand prize of a first class trip to Mexico City and Alcapulco.  This was quite the treat for two young married people from Massachusetts (Mom was about 23 and Dad was 24)!  My mother still talks about the red carpet that was rolled out across the tarmac when they boarded the plane, and how it was rolled up again before the tourist class travelers boarded the plane!

At the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mom showing off her knees in Bermuda shorts!

My parents' first (and last) bullfight

My Dad always called this photo of Mom
"Esther Williams"
This one makes me laugh because by the 1980s
we still had this towel at home!
Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. So 1950-ish - I love pictures from this time period because most are still in black/white. Did you 'color-ize' these?

  2. Mary, these were colored slides. Most of the slides we have from this time period have deteriorated but these are in very good shape and have retained their color! I wish more had survived like these images.