Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Yankee at Jamboree - Part 4

Can you name those Bloggers?
Just some of those who attended
Thomas MacEntee's Blogger Summit
Saturday afternoon at Jamboree, and I spent some time at Blogger Island hanging out with Donna Wendt, Thomas MacEntee, Footnote Maven, Diana Ritchie, Gini Webb, Cheryl Palmer, and I'm name dropping again!  It's a great spot to hang out, relax for a few minutes and put your feet up, or work on your blog.  Donna was passing out Aloha Delights (yummy macademia chocolates) so who could resist?

I attended two very good lectures this afternoon, and they were available via streaming video to folks via the internet. I'm not going give any more book reports on lectures here on the blog, but I will say that it has been great seeing lots of nationally known genealogists speak, some who I have not seen in New England.  I've heard from Tony Burroughs, John Colletta (he was at NERGC this past April), Kory Mererink, and Gena Philbert Ortega. This alone was well worth coming all the way to Burbank.  Curt Witcher gave a great talk on "High Tech and High Touch of 21st Century Genealogy", and now I'm tempted to go to his library in Indiana for a bit of research!  Wouldn't that be a fun field trip?

I picked up a few good books at the vendor hall, which may be a problem since I only brought a rollie carry on suitcase.  We'll have to make sure I don't get anymore conference loot after this!

Susan Kitchen designed the signs!
After the Saturday night banquet and lecture I had more time to hang out with bloggers, at a memorable PJ party.  I have some pretty incriminating photos of your favorite genealogists to post in my next update!  Some of you may have seen the twitter and Facebook posts on this....

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  1. Hi Cuz!
    I was surfing for George Flint this morning and hit upon your blog. I am also a 6th great grandson of George and Jerusha (Pope) Flint, through their grandaughter Hannah, who married William Whittredge. I've visited North Reading as recently as two years ago and seen some of the Flint homes there.
    I didn't know we had a Gen. Jamboree in town this weekend, but it sounds like you're having a good time. I live in the L.A. area (Hermosa Beach) and would be pleased to meet you and compare notes, if you like. You can contact me at
    Bob Albert

  2. Heather,
    Thanks for sharing your adventures at Jamboree. You should definitely make at trip to Fort Wayne to do some research. I've very lucky to live here and get to use all their wonderful resources all the time.