Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - identifying an old photo

Do you have photographs like this?  This is a photocopy of an old photograph, with all the notes from my cousin in Florida, as we were trying to identify all the people! 

So far we have identified this as being taken around 1920, in the backyard of 43 Bartlett Street in Beverly, Massachusetts, the home of Marietta (Healey) Hoogerzeil, my Great Great Grandmother.

Standing from left to right: Eddie? (a Robson cousin?),  Roland Gale Hoogerzeil and his wife Helen (Sullivan) holding baby Roland (b. 1920),  Arthur Russell Hitchings and his wife Ethel (Coleman),  Isabel (Hoogerzeil)  and George Sorenson, Helen (Hitchings) and Herbert T. Robson,

front row:  Lucy May Hoogerzeil holding Muriel Herrick (b. 1913 - cousin to Russell and Helen Hitchings), Marietta (Healey) Hoogerzeil holding Clement Robson (born 1919), Hilda Hoogerzeil (b. 1915 little sister to Roland Gale Hoogerzeil)

The only living person in this photograph is little Muriel, who is now 98 years old!

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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  1. wow wow wow what a great photo and fun with all the comments. These photos of photos with all the comments would be such a treasure to add to your genealogy treasures--for future generations. Sometimes I feel like a hostess of a very large party---trying to introduce relatives I never met in my family's past to generations I will never know. lol.