Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012 Annual Swimsuit Edition of Genealogy

This post was submitted for the 5th Annual Swimsuit Carnival of Genealogy blog posts.  To see all the blog posts submitted for the Swimsuit issue, click on this link: 

These are all photos taken at Misery Island, which is off the coast of Beverly, Massachusetts.  My Dad grew up in Beverly (and I did, too, in the same house!) and these photos reflect lazy days of swimming at Misery Island in the 1940s.  My Dad, Jack Wilkinson (1934 - 2002) was about thirteen years old in these photos.

front of the photo

The back of the photo lists all the boys:
Jack Wilkinson (my Dad), Jim Hoar
Bruce Miller, Dick Woodbury, Tom Kelly
1947 or 48

"The crowd at Misery Is.
July 1949
My Dad and his dog Jeff

I blogged about Misery Island last year at this link:

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  1. Fun photos! I especially LOVE the one with your dad and his dog!

  2. Great photos Heather! If these photos don't say "hot fun in the summertime" I don't know what does. They are all terrific but I have to agree with Cynthia, the one of your dad with his dog is my favorite too. Thanks for sharing and for participating in the COG. :-)

  3. Dog and dad, WIN!

    Fun post!

  4. Yep, dog and dad is a great photo. I read the link and how sad for your 6x great grandfather who drowned and left 7 or 8 children.

    1. Yes, Kristin, the coast and islands were part of our famiy heritage going back to the 1600s. There were many, many deaths on the water in the family records. That is the only one I've found that mentions Misery Island.

  5. What wonderful photos! I too like Dad, Jeff how special!