Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Here we are, looking like two little kids, on our wedding day, at the First Congregational Church, Holden, Massachusetts.   I remember that it rained so hard during our ceremony that with the deluge on the roof I couldn't hear the minister give the vows. There was even some thunder!  It stopped just in time for us to get to the luncheon reception (see the wet steps?).  Everyone said that rain during a wedding is good luck.  I guess that since we're celebrating 30 years it was very good luck!

Copyright 2013, Heather Wilkinson Rojo



    I hope you and your husband have a wonderful celebration today.

    The traditional anniversary gift for a 30th anniversary is "pearls," but the modern U.S. symbol is "'diamonds" (perhaps because traditionally diamonds are not until the 60th anniversary and few make it that far so they go with half of 60 and make 30 years diamonds also). The flower symbol is the Lily.

    May you have pearls and lilies today! ;-)

    1. I just looked out and saw that my first daylily bloomed this morning (in the rain). Serendipity!

  2. Many happy, healthy returns of the anniversary together!

  3. Rain was very good luck indeed. Happy anniversary!

  4. You look like teens! Happy 30th anniversary! I can't beleive we are nearly 12 years ahead of you.

  5. You couldn't hear the minister? Oh, my goodness. Who knows what you agreed to!! Many happy returns of the day!

  6. Happy anniversary, and may you always be as happy as you were on your wedding day :)

  7. Beautiful. You both are so good-looking and happy. Congratulations on your 30th! You must cherish this picture.