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Surname Saturday ~ HILLIARD of Hampton, New Hampshire


The New Hampshire Marine Memorial
At Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

On 10 October 1657 my 9th great grandfather, Emanuel Hilliard, was granted a farm in Hampton, New Hampshire by his wife’s uncle, the Reverend Timothy Dalton.  One of Emanuel’s four sons was named Timothy (probably not a coincidence). 

Just ten days later Emanuel Hilliard was one of eight people on board the boat “Rivermouth”, which was lost between Hampton, New Hampshire and Boston on 20 October 1657.  All were presumed drowned at sea.  His estate was appraised on 19 November 1657 in Hampton [Old Norfolk County, Massachusetts Deeds, Volume 1, page 74 – remember that at this time this part of New Hampshire was actually part of Massachusetts]  He left a widow and four children.

His widow Elizabeth Parkhurst, remarried in 1659 to Joseph Merry and had four more children. He was about 62 years old when the last child was born.  His gravestone in Edgartown states that he lived to be 103 years old. 

For more information on Emanuel Hilliard of Hampton:

The Probate of Emanuel Hilliard can be seen at the Lane Memorial Library website (the public library of Hampton, New Hampshire)
The History of the Town of Hampton, New Hampshire by Joseph Dow, Salem, Massachusetts: Salem Press, 1893, Volume II, page 746 has a sketch on the Hilliard family.

The relationship between the Daltons, Hilliards, Parkhursts and other Hampton families was puzzled out by William H. Whitmore in an article “The Dalton and Batcheller Pedigree” in The New England Historic Genealogical Register, October 1873, Volume 27, pages 364 – 369.   This relationship was mangled in a book The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, by Charles Henry Pope, 1908, and is still seen on the internet. Beware!

My Hilliard lineage:

Generation 1:  Emanuel Hilliard, died 20 October 1657 at sea; married on 10 April 1640 in Watertown, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Parkhurst, daughter of George Parkhurst and Phebe Leete.  She was born on 18 May 1628 and died on 6 October 1727 probably in Edgartown, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.  Four children.   She remarried on 14 December 1659 in Hampton to Joseph Merry.  He was born in 1607 and died on 5 April 1710 in Edgartown.

Generation 2:  Elizabeth Hilliard, born 22 January 1654, died 1746 in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard; married in 1672 in Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard to Reverend John Mayhew, son of Governor Thomas Mayhew and Jane Gallion.  He was born in 1652 and died 2 February 1689 in Chilmark.  Five children.

Generation 3:  John Mayhew m. Mehitable Higgins
Generation 4:  John Mayhew m. Ruth Davis
Generation 5:  Mary Mayhew m. Caleb Rand
Generation 6:  Mary Rand m. Asahel Bill
Generation 7:  Reverend Ingraham Ebenezer Bill m. Isabella Lyons
Generation 8:  Caleb Rand Bill m. Ann Margaret Bollman
Generation 9:  Isabella Lyons Bill m. Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 10: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)


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  1. Elizabeth Parkhurst is my 8th great-aunt.

  2. Lost at sea. That happened to one of my cousins 6 generations ago. I like your word "mangled" for getting family relationships wrong.

  3. Elizabeth Parkhurst is my 8th great-grandaunt.

  4. Here you will see that before 1666 Giles Fifield purchased 16 acres of land in Hampton from Emanuel Hilliard and Giles at this time conveys this land to John Knowles (one of my ancestors):