Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weathervane Wednesday ~ Two in Segovia, Spain

Weathervane Wednesday is an on-going series of photographs of weather vanes in the Nutfield, New Hampshire area (formerly Derry, Londonderry and parts of Hudson, Windham and Manchester). Some of the weather vanes are historical, some are whimsical, and all are interesting. Today's weather vane was photographed somewhere in Europe.

Do you know the location of weather vanes  #102 and #103? Scroll down to see the answer...

Do you know this location?

There is a good clue just to the left of the taverns.  Look carefully and you can see a huge aqueduct crossing the street in this photograph.  This is the famous Roman aqueduct at Segovia, Spain.  While everyone was busy looking at the aqueduct, I was checking out the weather vanes on top of the buildings nearby.  I found two above a tavern.  I loved the little pig stumbling away from the pitcher (jarra) of wine!  Even the ubiquitous weathercock is unusual compared to American weather vanes of roosters. Did you notice that neither weather vane has the cardinal points?  Anytime I can get a "two for one" weather vane photo, it's a lucky day!

The Roman Aqueduct at Segovia, Spain

Read more about Segovia at Wikipedia: 

A blog post from 2010 with photos inside the Alcazar castle in Segovia, where I found gilded images of some of my distant (very distant) ancestors:

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  1. The pig is very cute! The rooster seems thinner and has more droopy tail feathers that is usual among American depictions. Great work getting two for one!

  2. Very nice. The "pig & pitcher" is my favorite -- suggests meat and drink to me. Or you can have chicken. They're both above a tavern, right? You must be traveling in Spain. Exciting!

  3. Hey Heather, We have been checking out your blog and we must say that we are very impressed. It's really great.

    We have particularly been following your posts about Segovia as we visited there too. We have even written a guide, which you can check out here: We would love your feedback and any tips, information, advice that you might have would be warmly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ania & Jon