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Happy New Year, 1758

From the Boston Gazette, Boston, Massachusetts, Monday, January 16, 1758, Issue 146, page 1.
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(and Sold by the Printers hereof:)
A New Year’s GIFT:
Being a DISCOURSE on Jeremiah 8th,
 20th.  Preached on the LORD’S-DAY Morning
January 1, 1758. At Brookline.  Wherein is briefly
attempted – A Discovery of the Causes of our late
National Calamities, Disappointments and Losses-
That they are owing to our Sins, which, not only ren-
der us obnoxious to the divers Indignation and Wrath;
but in their own Nature tend to produce such Distresses
and ??? – That the only probable Way to Peace,
Safety and Prosperity, is to remove them, and turn
to God and Goodness- Several Considerations pro-
ported to rouse and awaken our Attention to it.  By
NATHANIEL POTTER, A.M., Pastor of the Church
in Brookline.
Where way also be sad just Publish’d
An excellent SERMON Preached at the Interment
Of his late Excellency JONATHAN BELCHER,
??? Governour of his Majesty’s Province of New-
Jersey, who departed this Life at Elizabeth-Town,
Aug. 31, 1757, Aged 76.  The Sermon being En-
titled- “A Servant of God dismissed from LABOUR
in REST”; from Daniel xii, 13.  By the late Rev.
Mr. AARON BURR, A.M.  President of the College
Of New Jersey, [Being the last he ever Preach’d.]
With an agreeable Preface by the Rev. Mr. CALEB

Sermons used to be published by newspaper printers, especially sermons delivered on holidays, for funerals and for special occasions.  These sermons sometimes survive and can be excellent genealogical resources, especially funeral sermons.  This advertisement in mid-January 1758 describes two sermons for sale that were delivered earlier, one for a New Year’s service and the other for the funeral of Governor Jonathan Belcher of New Jersey.   How would you like to receive a sermon as a New Year’s Day gift?

The Boston Gazette was published 1719 – 1798.  Some famous contributors to the Boston Gazette include Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and the poet Phyllis Wheatley.  Paul Revere served as an engraver for the Boston Gazette, including the masthead vignette. The first publisher was James Franklin, brother to Benjamin Franklin, and Ben served as an apprentice at this printing office before he ran away to Philadelphia.

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