Thursday, December 26, 2013

Favorite Christmas Gifts 2013

Last year I posted my favorite Christmas gift, the famous cutting board with the recipe wood burned into it in my mother's own handwriting.  It was a great hit, with lots of comments and great popularity since someone pinned it up at Pinterest.  I thought I would share with you three great gifts from this year.  They were all made by my artistic daughter with her recent wedding as a theme.

Don't you love it!  It's a wreath covered in little framed photos from the wedding in May.  She purchased three different types of frames from a wedding favor dealer, and made two of these wreaths, one for me and one for her new mother-in-law.  Each little frame was wired onto a grapevine wreath.  It has lots of photos taken of our side of the family, as well as some gorgeous portraits of the bride and groom.

This is a beautiful ornament with a secret.  Only family members will remember that the lovely curled paper inside is leftover wedding invitations, place cards and response cards.  You can see the colored print and floral designs from the paper goods, reminders of the wedding colors and wedding flowers.  Isn't that cute?

Of course the bride and groom also made up brag books for the family members. In our case we got three! There is the wedding in Massachusetts book, a similar book of the wedding feast in Madrid, and a third one with photos of the honeymoon in Morocco (with photos worthy of National Geographic).  These books were ordered from Artifact Uprising, and are the perfect size for popping into my pocket book.

I can't decide which one I love the most!

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  1. Wow! So lovely and meaningful! I got framed photos of my grandson.

  2. Heather, I'm amazed by your family's creativity and thoughtfulness--the frame-wreath is new and imaginative. I've used Shutterfly to create photo books of family events, and every year I put together a photo-packed family calendar for sis, nieces, grandkids, etc. Happy new year!