Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ William Waugh, 1770, Windham, New Hampshire

This tombstone was photographed at the Cemetery on the Plain, Windham, New Hampshire

Here Lyes Buried the Body
of Mr. William Waugh Who
Departed this Life Octb
ye 25th 1770 in ye 45th
year of his Age

William Waugh was born about 1725 on his father's land and married a woman named Leah.  His widow lived there until she sold the land to Ebenezer Hall on 23 September 1776.  According to the History of Windham, page 807 "She was very poor and in a despairing tone, in answer to an inquiry if the place was a good one to make a living on, said, "Yes; for one could make a soup of hte gravel-stones in the bottom of the brook," which flowed near the house.  Their after history unknown.  The family is supposed to have gone to New Boston." 

The family's poverty might be why this tombstone is so tiny.  It is barely noticeable in the cemetery, and very crudely carved and lettered. 

William's father was Joseph Waugh, of Scots ancestry.  He was an early settler, bought land in Windham in 1733 on Lowell Road, and was a selectman in 1742.  


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