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Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial Honor Roll

At the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monuments in Hawaii you can experience the events of Pearl Harbor and the Pacific war.  I've been very fortunate to visit here twice in my life.  It is a solemn place to visit, and the memorial hall built over the remains of the USS Arizona is beautiful.  At the far end of the memorial there is a large honor roll to the soldiers who died here.  Most of these men are still entombed inside the sunken ship.  

On each side of the USS Arizona honor roll there is a smaller honor roll listing the survivors who have chosen to be interred with their shipmates.  These memorials list their names and year of death. 

The entire honor roll is listed online at at this link HERE.  It is searchable by name, by service branch and by home state. You can also search the muster rolls of the other ships at Pearl Harbor.  By searching here I found that there were three men from New Hampshire: Edward Blanchard Cloues, Joseph Stanley Rozmus, and Bruce Roosevelt Edmunds.   It is a wonderful genealogical resource. 

The windows on each side of the honor roll represent the "Tree of Life"

A replica of the "Tree of Life" window from the USS Arizona memorial sits on the plaza outside of the visitor center, near the place of embarkment for the tour boats that take visitors to the memorial in the middle of Pearl Harbor.  Most tourists do not realize the significance of this tall sculpture. 

The Interactive USS Arizona Memorial Honor Roll

World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monuments

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