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Surname Saturday ~ TAINTOR of Connecticut


The gravestone of Michael Taintor in Colchester, Connecticut

In Memory of Mr.
Michael Taintor
Son of Deacon
Michael Taintor
Mrs. Eunice his wife
who died Nove. ye
25th 1748 ye 20th
year of his Age.

Charles Taintor was an early settler of Wethersfield, Connecticut.  His son Michael, AKA Micah or  Micaiell married Elizabeth Rose, the daughter of other early settlers.  The records do not mention his wife, nor did his other children leave descendants.  I have found no proof that he was from Wales, although several online sources  and Savage have stated that he was Welsh.   Charles was a merchant, and was lost at sea with a Connecticut neighbor, Jeremiah Jagger, in October 1654.   They were headed to the West Indies.

Michael Taintor (abt. 1620 – 1673) removed to Totoket, now Branford, Connecticut, about 1644 the same time his father Charles went to Fairfield with Jeremiah Jagger.   Michael was a sea captain and was at one time the master of a ship owned by Isaac Allerton (A Mayflower passenger and also my 11th great grandfather in another lineage).  Allerton’s vessel sailed back and forth to Virginia.

Sources for Taintor family information:

Genealogy of the Taintor Family of Connecticut: Descendants of Charles Taintor of Weathersfield and Fairfield, Connecticut, a manuscript by Starr Taintor dated June 21, 1949, Chicago, Illinois and available to read at

There are references to Charles and Michael Taintor in other books about early Wethersfield and Connecticut, such as:

Ancient Wethersfield, by Stiles, Volume II, page 693

Connecticut Colonial Records, Volume I, pages 149, 163

James Savages’ Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Volume IV, page 248

My Taintor genealogy:

Generation 1:  Charles Taintor, born about 1597 probably in Wales, died 1654 lost at sea on a voyage to the West Indies from Connecticut; married to Mary Unknown

Generation 2: Michael Taintor, born about 1625 in Wales, died about 1673 in Branford, Connecticut; married to Elizabeth Rose.  Five children.

Generation3: Michael Taintor, born 12 October 1652 in Branford, died 19 Feb 1731; married on 3 April 1679 to Mary Loomis, daughter of Thomas Loomis and Hannah Fox.  She was born 16 January 1659 in Windsor, Connecticut and died on 11 May 1695. Four children.  Michael Taintor remarried second to Mabel Olmstead.

Generation 4: Michael Taintor, born 30 September 1680 in Windsor, died 16 March 1771 in Colchester, Connecticut; married on 3 December 1712 to Eunice Foote, daughter of Nathaniel Fox and Margaret Bliss.  She was born 10 May 1694 in Wethersfield, Connecticut.  Seven children.

Generation 5: Eunice Taintor, born on 13 April 1713 in Colchester, died after 1779; married on 4 August 1737 to Aaron Skinner, son of John Skinner and Sarah Porter.  He was born on 14 June 1713 in Colchester, and died on 17 November 1766 in Colchester.  Ten children.

Generation 6: Charles Skinner m. Sarah Osborn
Generation 7: Ann Skinner m. Thomas Ratchford Lyons
Generation 8: Isabella Lyons m. Reverend Ingraham Ebenezer Bill
Generation 9: Caleb Rand Bill m. Ann Margaret Bollman
Generation 10: Isabella Lyons Bill m. Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 11: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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