Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Three McAdams Children, Windham, New Hampshire

This tombstone was photographed at the Cemetery on the Hill in Windham, New Hampshire.

In memory of 3
Children of Lt. Gawin,
& Mres. Susan McAdams
Percis, died March 19,
1812; AEt. 5 Yrs, 6 months
Abel B. died April 7,
1820; AEt 20.
Robert, died Aug. 16.
1823; AEt 25.

Gawin McAdams was born 1 January 1767 to Samuel McAdams and Mary Gilmore.  Samuel was born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland in 1716.   Gawin McAdams was married to Susanna Baldwin and had six children, and he passed away on 25 February 1825.  His farm was located just south of this cemetery.  In the "History of Windham in New Hampshire" by Leonard Morrison, page 626, his daughter Percis is listed as the first child in Windham to die of the spotted fever epidemic that killed many children in New England 1812.


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