Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo Friday ~ Iberia Airlines staff dinner in San Juan Puerto, 1972

[In my mother-in-law's handwriting on the back of the photo]

Hotel Caribe Hilton,  San Juan, PR
Abril 28, 1972
Inaguracion vuelo IB947 (Jumbo) con destino a Madrid
1er vuelo Mayo 5, 1972

Marian Pages
Brandariz Frank / Isabel
Zapata  Rosita/ Jaime
Aguilar  Gloria / Tolin
Amato  Raquel/ Santiago
Marti  Manuel / Provi
De la Torre  Mary / Casimiro

My mother-in-law was terrific about labeling photos.  And when I scanned them, she had a story for each one.  This dinner was on the occasion of the first flight of a jumbo jet from San Juan to Madrid for Iberia Airlines.  All the office staff was here at the dinner, and my mother and father-in-law are in the back row (Maria AKA "Pepita" is the second from the left with the shawl, her husband is on her right in the light colored suit).   My mother-in-law worked for Iberia Airlines for more than 20 years, in New York City and in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

About ten years ago Iberia closed their central hub in San Juan and now has its offices and flights based out of Santo Domingo.

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