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Surname Saturday ~ DIXEY of Lynn, Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts


William Dixey was an early settler in Essex County.  He arrived in the New World as a servant of Isaac Johnson, an associate of Governor Endicott.  In 1657 Dixey deposed that Johnson wrote to Endicott “for a place to sett downe in”.  Johnson sent his men and cattle ahead to Saugus (Lynn).  In 1680 Dixey gave this deposition about the first settlement:

“William Dixey of Beverly in New England aged about 73 years testifieth that I came to new England & arrived in June 1629 at Cape Ann where we found the signs of buildings & plantation work and saw no English people.  So we sailed to the place now called Salem where we found Mr. John Endicot Governor & sundry inhabitants besides some of whom said they had been servants to Dorchester company & had built at Cape Ann sundry years before we came over.  When we came to dwell here the Indians bid us welcome & showed themselves very glad that we came to dwell among them….”

William Dixey first settled at Salem where his six children were born and baptized, and then he removed to Beverly where he kept the ferry.  His will was dated 1684/5 and proved in 1690.  He named his son and his five married daughters.  In 1688 he wrote a codicil making his son his sole executor of his estate.

My Dixey lineage daughtered out in the next generation, because his middle daughter, Sarah, my 8th great grandmother, married Edmund Gale.   His son, John Dixey, married Elizabeth Allen, but I don’t know if she is from my Manchester, Massachusetts (Jeffrie’s Creek) Allens or from the Swansea, Massachusetts Allens, where John Dixey removed.   Another daughter, Abigail Dixey, married John Stone, brother of another ancestor, Nathaniel Stone (1632 – 1718), who is the father of the John Stone who married Sarah Gale, Sarah Dixey’s daughter.  See the lineage below for clarification.
Some Dixey sources, (other than town, court records and vital records):

The Great Migration Begins: 1620 – 1633, Volume I, pages 553- 337

The Ancestry of Sarah Stone, by Walter Goodwin Davis, 1930

My DIXEY genealogy:

Generation 1:  William Dixey, born about 1607 probably in England, died between 11 August 1688 and 24 June 1690 in Beverly, Massachusetts; married to Ann or Hannah Unknown. She died before 1 February 1684/5 when William made his will.  Six children.

Generation 2: Sarah Dixey, baptized 2 July 1643 in Salem, died 1757 in Beverly; married on 22 February 1666 in Beverly to Edmund Gale, son of Edmond Gale.  He was born about 1640 in Oakley, Bedfordshire, England and died 16 November 1716 in Beverly. Thirteen children.

Generation 3:  Sarah Gale married John Stone
Generation 4:  Susanna Stone married Randall Preston
Generation 5:  William Presson married Abigail Sargent
Generation 6: Lucy Presson married James Andrews
Generation 7:  Orpha Andrews married Joseph Allen
Generation 8:  Joseph Gilman Allen married Sarah Burnham Mears
Generation 9:  Joseph Elmer Allen married Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 10:  Stanley Elmer Allen married Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

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  1. I daughter-out quickly too. Daughter Elizabeth married Samuel Morgan and the line goes down through my mom's side until the Morgans marry into the Yates family and continue to my grandmother, Linona Alice Yates, b. March 12, 1920 and soon to be 95 years old!

    1. Well, hello cousin...Samuel & Elizabeth are my 9th grandparents. Martha Morgan married Williams Yates. They are my 4th grandparents.

    2. Hello cousin Elizabeth & Samuel Morgan are my 9th grandparents. Martha & William Yates are my 4th grandparents.