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Tombstone Tuesday ~ A Crosby child on Cape Cod, died 1840

dau. of
Hatsel and J. H.
died Oct. 18, 1840
AEt. 3ys.  8 ms.

I saw this little tombstone when I was looking for CROSBY ancestors at the Ancient Burying Ground in Brewster, Massachusetts.  This one intrigued me with the name “Hatsel”.  Who was Hatsel Crosby?  I couldn’t wait to get home to find out!

A google search led me to the Google Book search and the book History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts: 1620 – 1890, edited by Simeon L. Deyo.  On Pages 491 and 492 was this paragraph:

Hatsel Crosby, born in 1807, is the only surviving child of Abijah and Desire Crosby, and grandson of Elisha Crosby.  He was a shoemaker in Brewster for fifteen years, prior to 1848, when he came to South Yarmouth, where he was engaged in salt making until 1883.  He was married in 1836 to Jerusha S. Homer, who died in 1854, leaving five children: Susie, Abbie, Hattie E., Herbert F., and Nellie P., who died November 2, 1864.  Mr. Crosby was married in 1856 to Elizabeth S. Bangs who died the same year.  He was married in 1858 to Hannah, daughter of Jabez Nye.  They have two sons: Benjamin B. and Chester L..

From this little family sketch I was able to figure out how Hatsel Crosby and his little daughter Ellen fit into my Crosby family tree. 

History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts: 1620 - 1896, edited by Simeon L. Dayo, New York: Blake, 1890, preprinted by Higginson Company, Salem, Massachusetts,  available to read online at Archive.org and through the Google Book search. 

Our kinship:

                                           Simon Crosby (1609 - 1639) m. Ann Brigham (1606 - 1675)

                                                  Thomas Crosby m. Sarah Unknown

                                                     John Crosby m. Hannah Bangs
Thomas Crosby m. Mary Crosby                                 John Crosby m.  Hannah Bangs
                        I                                                                                 I
Elisha Crosby m. Pheobe Hopkins                                Jonathan Crosby m. Hannah Hamblin
                         I                                                                                I
Abijah Crosby m. Desire Crosby                                   Ebenezer Crosby m. Elizabeth Robinson
                        I                                                                                 I
Hatsel Crosby m. Jerusha S. Homer                               Rebecca Crosby m. Comfort Haley    
                        I                                                                                 I
          Ellen P. Crosby                                                    Joseph Edwin Healy m. Matilda Weston
                                                                                        Mary Etta Healey m. Peter Hoogerzeil
                                                                                        Florence Etta Hoogerzeil m. Arthur Hitchings
                                                                                        Gertrude M. Hitchings m. Stanley E. Allen
                                                                                        (my grandparents)

P.S.  Mary Crosby and Desire Crosby above, both wives of men named Crosby, are also descendants of Thomas Crosby (1656 - 1702), the ancestor born in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, Yorkshire, England who removed to Boston when he was 8 weeks old with his parents, and is buried in the Granary Burying Ground. 

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  1. Good work Heather. Now, whose headstone can I post today?

  2. I recently found my connection to the immigrant Simon Crosby and his son Simon Crosby (1637-1725) - I am descended from him two ways. Another cousin connection!

  3. Hello, cousin! Love your blog. I am descended from Simon and Anne Brigham too, through their son Thomas and two of his children, Sarah and Joseph. Sad, sweet little grave you found there.