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Surname Saturday ~ GALE of Cambridge and Beverly, Massachusetts

Veterans Memorial Bridge, on the Bass River between
Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts is located approximately where
there was a ferry in colonial times.


I recently blogged about my ancestors, John Stone and William Dixey, who were both ferrymen on the Bass River between Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts.    They kept the business all in the family by passing the job on to Edmund Gale in 1694.

Edmund Gale’s father was also Edmund/Edmond Gale, who came from England and settled in “Newtown” or Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The immigrant Edmund Gale (about 1593 – 1642) had seven children.  His son Ambrose settled in Marblehead, and son Bartholomew settled in Salem, all near Beverly, Massachusetts where Edmund (about 1640 – 1716) settled.

Edmund Gale, Jr. married Sarah Dixey, daughter of Captain William Dixey.  He was a fisherman and seaman before operating the ferry. He had eleven children, including Sarah (1666 – about 1726) my 7th great grandmother.  Sarah’s husband was John Stone, so all her children were descendants of three ferrymen from Beverly, Massachusetts.

Some GALE resources:

Edmond Gale is not listed in Martin Hollick’s guide New Englanders in the 1600s, nor there a sketch in the Great Migration series.   There is an old book The Gale Family Records in England and the United States by George Gale, 1867, available on line at Google Book Search, but this book has many errors and inaccuracies.  Beware!  The best books are The Salem and Beverly records, and The Ancestry of Sarah Stone by Walter Goodwin Davis, 1930 (another old book).

A search of the journals and periodicals at the NEHGS database did not turn up a sketch of the GALE family, but many references to early records in Boston, Cambridge, Salem, Beverly and Marblehead.  These documents are the best way to piece together a Gale family tree.

My GALE genealogy:

Generation 1: Edmond Gale, born about 1593 in Ixworth, Suffolk, England, died 29 July 1642 in Boston, Massachusetts; married Unknown. Seven children born in England.

Generation 2: Edmund Gale, born about 1640 in Oakley, Bedfordshire, England, died 16 November 1716 in Beverly, Massachusetts; married on 22 February 1665/6 in Beverly to Sarah Dixey, daughter of William Dixey and Anna Unknown.  She was baptized on 2 July 1643 in Salem, Massachusets and died in 1757 in Beverly.  Thirteen children.

Generation 3:  Sarah Gale, born 4 February 1666 in Beverly, died before 1726;  married to John Stone, son of Nathaniel Stone and Remember Corning.  He was born 20 February 1661 in Salem, and died 28 July 1736 in Beverly.  Ten children.

Generation 4:  Susanna Stone married Randall Preston
Generation 5:  William Presson married Abigail Sargent
Generation 6:  Lucy Presson married James Andrews
Generation 7:  Orpha Andrews married Joseph Allen
Generation 8:  Joseph Gilman Allen married Sarah Burnham Mears
Generation 9:  Joseph Elmer Allen married Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 10:  Stanley Elmer Allen married Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

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  1. Nathaniel Stone is my 10th great-grandfather. My line extends from John and Sarah's daughter Charity and her husband Benjamin Roundy. It looks like we have a bunch of common ancestors in the New England area so...Howdy Cousin! I love your blog! I cannot wait to explore some more!