Friday, June 24, 2016

Photo Friday ~ Another Wedding in Spain

My mother-in-law has a stash of photos in her apartment in Spain, and the lovely thing is that most of those photos are labeled!  Look at this one. It was carefully labeled with the date, place and a list of the food they ate at the wedding lunch. The image below is a photo of a photo, but when you are traveling you do what you have to do when you find a family photograph like this one:

On the right side of the table the last three people are my Mother-in-law, her mother Consuelo Martin (Vincent's grandmother), and her father (Vincent's grandfather Jose Garcia. 

Boda de Jose Manuel 23 -4-55
Comida en Biarrits

Jose Manuel's wedding  April 23, '55
Meal at Biarritz [a restaurant in Madrid]

[A list of what was on the menu]

                                           Entremeses         cold cuts, similar to Antipasto      
Cabeza de jabali           Boar's Head
Mortadela            Salami
Jamon de York             Boiled Ham
Ensaladilla rusa           Potato Salad
            Salchichon             Summer sausage
                 Paella                  [self explanatory!]
Filetes de Ternera con champinones          Filets of veal with mushrooms   
     Pollo asado              Roast chicken
Helado                   Ice cream
Cafe                 coffee
  copa                liqueur

Here is my mother-in-law with the bride and groom!   The newlyweds are her first cousin, Jose Manuel and his lovely wife, Antonia.  They are all still living and we will be visiting them in Spain this summer. 


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Photo Friday ~ Another Wedding in Spain", Nutfield Genealogy, posted June 24, 2016,  ( accessed [access date]).

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  1. How cool that she took the time to write so many details on the photos! The one thing I encountered with many family photos was mislabeling or no labeling, so it's always nice to have something that really captures the moment.