Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday ~ A Very Worn Ledger Stone

This tombstone was photographed at the Village Cemetery in Wethersfield, Connecticut, behind the First Church of Christ on Main Street.

lies Interr'd
the Body of
Capt. Thomas
Wells who Deceased
September the 21st
1741, in the 63rd
Year of his

P. NELSON 2014

This very worn ledger stone was intriguing.  The soft sandstone was completely worn, but someone had recently altered it by adding a new plaque on top with what I assume is the original inscription.   

This tombstone is listed in the very complete book Wethersfield Inscriptions: A complete record of the inscriptions in the five burial places in the ancient town of Wethersfield, by Edward Sweetser Tillotson, 1899, page 136.   Perhaps this is how the descendants figured out what to put on the new plaque?  Note that the book was written in 1899, and the replacement plaque is dated 2014 - plenty of time for the soft sandstone to wear away.  

I have seen descendants erect replacement stones for ancestors, but this is the first time I have ever seen a tombstone altered with additional materials to replace the epitaph. 

For more information on the Wethersfield Ancient Burying Ground and Village Cemetery, see this website for photos, transcriptions and GPS coordinates of each stone:


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  1. Can't say I've seen one like that. And I don't have a problem with this alteration at all. I have seen replacement stones, as well, but they are usually an "upgrade" to a simple granite marker with just names and dates. I did come across one where they took the care to make an exact copy, which I thought was neat. http://blog.southerngraves.net/2011/09/philadelphia-maltbie-old-and-new.html