Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An Historic Moment - Euro Disney Opens on April 12, 1992

 Twenty five years ago today Vincent witnessed an historic moment in Paris, France...

Oooh, la la!
Does Minnie look a little more sexy in Paris than the US Disney parks?
or is it just me?
Vincent was on a business trip in Paris when he learned that the brand new Euro Disney park was opening that same week. Of course, he made time to go check out this new amusement park.  He also saved all the ephemera that he collected that day.  Aero space engineers are good at saving the important stuff!  

We were all extremely jealous of this trip to Euro Disney, but a few years later we were all able to visit as a family.  We have many fond memories of that trip. Some years later this park was renamed Disneyland Paris. 

As genealogists and family historians, we usually concentrate on the historic moments our ancestors lived.  Are you saving memories from the historic moments in YOUR life for your descendants? 

The ticket to Euro Disney

A commemorative ticket given to first day guests

Guest guides to Euro Disney

Here are some opening day photos he snapped during his visit.  It must have been very chilly on April 12, 1992 because the costumed characters are bundled up.  Alice is wearing a sweater, and Snow White has mittens! 

The Euro Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle.  There is a dragon in the dungeon under the castle!

One of my favorite photos was this one, taken when he arrived home.  Yes, they are both wearing Mickey Mouse PJs! We no longer have the PJs, but we still have the Mickey and Pluto stuffed animals.


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