Thursday, April 6, 2017

Three generations of Stanleys

This photograph was taken at my Uncle's cabin on the Crooked River in Naples, Maine.

Stanley Elmer Allen III (left), Stanley Elmer Allen, Jr (middle)
and Stanley Elmer Allen - circa 1960s.

Stanley Elmer Allen ( 1904 - 1982) was my grandfather.  He was from generations of Allens born in Manchester and Essex, Massachusetts.  He married Gertrude Matilda Hitchings on Valentine's Day in 1925 and had seven children. Stan's father was named Joseph Elmer Allen (1870 - 1932) named for his own father Joseph Gilman Allen (1830 - 1908), my great great grandfather.  There were many Josephs in the family, but I don't know where the name Elmer came from.  These are the only four Elmers in the entire family tree.  Joe Gil Allen (as he was known) had ten children, and his son Joseph was number seven so maybe they ran out of family names and just liked Elmer?  

The oldest of Stan and Gert's children was a son, my Uncle Al (Stanley Elmer Allen, Jr. (1925 - 2003)).  He served in the Army Air Corps in the South Pacific during World War II.  After the war he married Mary Cecilia Horgan ( 1929-199) and had three boys.  You can see Auntie Mamie through the screen door in this photo.   Uncle Al was the co-owner of Allen Fuel in Hamilton, Massachusetts with his first cousin, Harold Allen.  

His eldest son was Stanley Elmer Allen III, also known as Mickey because his brothers couldn't say his real name.  My cousin Mickey is still living in Massachusetts.  He didn't continue the name tradition, but I don't know if that is problem for his son and grandchildren! 

This photograph was found in my grandmother, Gertrude's, photo album.


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  1. When I first read the headline I thought the men's surname was Stanley, but they shared first And last names. Great photo! I love seeing multiple generations pictured together.