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Surname Saturday ~ HILLIARD of Salem, Massachusetts

A map of Salem, Massachusetts, from The Essex Antiquarian, Volume 9, page 164
showing Edward Hilliard's house lot. English's Lane is now English Street in Salem.


I have two HILLIARD lineages in my family tree, and as far as I know, they are completely unrelated families.  The first HILLIARD lineage I posted is from Emmanuel Hilliard (d. 1657 at sea) of Hampton, New Hampshire, my 9th great grandfather, which you can read this link:   The interesting thing is that both of my Hilliard ancestors were mariners, even though they lived in different states.

Edward Hilliard, my 10th great grandfather, was born about 1620 of unknown origins.  He appears in the Essex County Registry of Deeds many times buying and conveying land in Salem, Massachusetts.  The first record of him appears in 1653 buying a house lot.  His seven children all had their births recorded in the Salem records, including his oldest child, Elizabeth, born 14 October 1658, my 9th great grandmother, who married Gilbert Peters.  You can see the link to my PETERS lineage here: 

Edward Hilliard was a mariner, and master of several ships.  He appears several times in the Salem Quarterly Court records as the master of the “Try All” shipping goods to Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay.  He traded at least one occasion with St. Christopher’s in the Carribean, the master aboard the “Penelope”.

If you look at the map above you will see the land originally belonging to Edward Hiliard in 1700.  This transaction in the records was a lot he later sold to his son-in-law Gilbert Peters in 1673 [Essex Registry of Deeds, book 12, leaf 27].  Gilbert Peters sold it to his brother-in-law, Joseph Hilliard, the ropemaker, about 1702.   The other lot was originally owned by Robert Sallows (Sollas) and sold to Edward Hilliard in 1653 [Essex Registry of Deeds, book 11, leaf 178]  This map shows the part of Salem that is now near Collins Cove, English Street and Webb Street.  Derby Street now cuts through this area and Salem Willows is further north along the neck.

When Edward Hilliard died in 1706 he left his estate to his wife Martha, who conveyed everything to her son, Joseph Hilliard (the ropemaker), in return for supporting her for the rest of her life. [Essex Registry of Deeds, book 52, leaf 12].  Joseph Hilliard died in 1745/6, and left his estate to his wife Rachel, and later it went to his sons Edward and David, and daughter Rachel, wife of Paul Kimball.    Edward sold the land to Richard Derby, who later sold it to Clifford Crowninsheild who died 4 April 1776.  Clifford Crowninshield was married to his first cousin Martha Hilliard (first cousins through their grandparents Jacob Allen and Elizabeth Clifford of Salem, and she was also the granddaughter of the immigrant ancestor Edward Hilliard).

My HILLIARD genealogy:

Generation 1:   Edward Hilliard, born about 1620 in England, died about 1706 in Salem, Massachusetts; married to Martha Unknown. Seven children.

Generation 2:  Elizabeth Hilliard, born 14 October 1658 in Salem; married to Gilbert Peters, three children.  He was born about 1645 and died 1691. 

Generation 3: Richard Peters m. Bethiah Unknown
Generation 4: Mary Peters m. Joseph Cloutman
Generation 5: Joseph Cloutman m. Mary Webb
Generation 6: Joseph Cloutman m. Hannah Becket
Generation 7: Mary Cloutman m. Abijah Hitchings
Generation 8:  Abijah Hitchings m. Eliza Ann Treadwell
Generation 9: Abijah Franklin Hitchings m. Hannah Eliza Lewis
Generation 10: Arthur Treadwell Hitchings m. Florence Etta Hoogerzeil

Generation 11: Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)

Lot 134 is the house lot of Edward Hilliard


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Surname Saturday ~ HILLIARD of Salem, Massachusetts", Nutfield Genealogy, posted April 8, 2017, ( accessed [access date]). 

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