Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Capt. Benjamin Thom, Revolutionary War Patriot, died 1811, Windham, New Hampshire

This tombstone was photographed at the Cemetery on the Hill, Windham, New Hampshire

In Memory of
Who died
June 2, 1811
AEt. 64
And of
his wife, who died
May 5, 1817
AEt. 70

Benjamin Thom, son of William Thom of Scotland and Northern Ireland, was born 1747 and died 2 June 1811 in Windham, aged 64 years.  He married Catharine Morison, died May 5, 1815, aged 70 years, the daughter of Lieutenant Samuel Morison of Londonderry, and great granddaughter of the immigrant John Morrison from Northern Ireland.

Captain Benjamin Thom lived in the “Range” and served as a selectman of Windham for five years. They had six children: Samuel, William Wear, Isaac, Benjamin, Elizabeth and Martha.   He had the title “Captain” and an SAR flag on his grave, and I found his name on a list of Windham men who signed the Association test.  At Fold3.com I found Benjamin Thom received a bounty of ninety pounds for one years service in the Continental Army, dated 19 July 1779. 

For the Thom Family genealogy, see page 787 of The History of Windham in New Hampshire, by Leonard Morrison, 1883.

You can see his son’s tombstone, Isaac Thom and children, at this link:


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