Friday, April 21, 2017

Josefa Rivero 1884 - 1937 Villar de Ciervo, Salamanca, Spain

This photo is of Vincent's great grandmother, Josefa Rivero Gonzalez.

Josefa Rivero was born 23 October 1884 in the little village of Villar de Ciervo in Salamanca, Spain.  This village is directly on the border of Portugal - there is only a tiny stream of water dividing the two countries in this village.  She was the daughter of Manuel Rivero and Orofilia Gonzalez.  Her father was a "molinero" or miller.  They had four children:  Nicolas (b. 1877), Jerman (b. 1879), Juan Mamon (b. 1880) and Josefa was the youngest.

She married Manuel Martin on 23 January 1904 in Villar de Ciervo.  He was the son of Mateo Martin and Manuela Ventura, born about 1880 in Barcelona, Spain.  He was a cattle and sheep trader, and bred "toros bravos" or sporting bulls for bullfighting.  He had a farm in Villar de Ciervo and grew grapes for wine. They had four children Maria Joaquina (b. 1904), Nicolas Martin, Luisa Antonia (b. 1906), and Maria Consuelo (b. 1908) who was the youngest and Vincent's grandmother.

Josefa died on 17 November 1937 in Villar de Ciervo.  Manuel survived his wife by many years and died on 10 September 1971 in Villar de Ciervo.

This is the only photo I have seen of Josefa.  Below is a painting we own of the Martin house in the village of Villar de Ciervo.  It was painted from the rear of the house, not the street view.  About 20 years ago we visited this home, and bought the painting from the village pharmacist. It hangs in my office, right behind my desk as I type up this blog post on my computer.


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  1. I just love older photographs and what a great painting! How cool that both of these exist. I've always found your posts about Spanish ancestors intriguing.

  2. Yes, they are intriguing and so VERY different from my great migration Puritan New England ancestors (any yours!)