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My Grandmother’s Diary ~ Part 23, October 6 – October 17, 1920

My grandmother, Gertrude Hitchings, a friend, and a sheep, circa 1920
This is the 23rd blog post with transcriptions of my grandmother's 1920 diary from Beverly, Massachusetts.  Her name was Gertrude Hitchings (1905 - 2001) and she lived on Elliott Street.  Her diary is a tiny 3" book with minuscule handwriting.  It has taken me a long time to transcribe, and the book is very fragile.  It has missing and torn pages, and the end of the book is gone, so I am very near to the end of this project with these September and October pages. Every Monday I post another section of the diary.  You can read the first installment HERE

WED. OCT. 6, 1920
Up at 6.45 went to school
Had eye & ear test came
Home at 11.45.  Went back
for bookkeeping on 2.15 car
came home at 5.  Went out a
little while after supper
Bed at 10.

Up at 6.45 went to school
all morning home at 1.15
went downtown then Eunice
& I went up to Ethel’s.  Marion
& Brick up after supper
Went to bed at 10.

Up at 6.45 went to school at
7.30 had an assembly home
at 1.15.  After dinner went
downtown with Eunice
After supper went to movies
with Brick.  Bed at 11.30.

NOTE:  After reading this diary it seems that Gertrude went to classes all morning at Beverly high school, came home for dinner [lunch] and then on some days she went back in the afternoon for bookkeeping, French or domestic science classes.  It appears to be an irregular schedule. Here she mentions her sister Eunice, her sister-in-law Ethel, her first cousin Marion, and a friend named Brick. 

SAT. OCT. 9, 1920
Up at 7.30 worked around
home all morning. Stayed
home all afternoon.  Mr.
Lowell up.  After supper went
out a while then played
cards with Pa, Mr. L. & Brick.
Went to bed at 10.45

Up at 9.  Worked home
all morning stayed
home all afternoon. Mr.
Wilkins, Rus, Ethel, Ells and
Helen down.  Went to ride with
Brick.  Jones & Ty came down
Went to bed at 10.30.

Up at 6.45 went to school
got home at 1.15. Went
down to Helen’s around
4.30.  After supper went
down to Marion’s a while.
Went to bed at 9.30.

NOTE:  In these pages she mentions the boarder Mr. Lowell, and her friend Brick.  Mr. Wilkins is the father of her friend Bea.  Here she mentions "Jones" and "Ty" for the first time, friends from school? She went to her sister Helen's house, and then to her cousin Marion's house. 

TUES. OCT. 12, 1920
Up at 7.30 stayed home all
morning rained most of the time
After dinner Ty and Jones
came down stayed until
after supper.  Mr. Lowell
over. Pa went to Danvers.  Home
all evening. Bed at 9.45

Up at 6.45 went to school
all morning.  Went back after
dinner for bookkeeping
home at 5 stayed home
all evening studying.  Went
to bed at 8.45

Up at 6.45 school all
morning home at 1.15
after dinner went up to
Ethel’s all afternoon.  After supper
Geo & Henry came down.  Played
cards.  Bed at 10.15

NOTE: For some reason Gertrude didn't go to school on Monday, October 12th, maybe Columbus Day?  Ty and Jones are back visiting, and the boarder Mr. Lowell was back.  She went to visit her sister-in-law Ethel, and then two other boys "George" and "Henry" came to visit.  In these pages for the new school year Gertrude is mentioning lots of boy friends instead of her usual girl friends.  

FRI. OCT. 15, 1920
Up at 6.45 went to school
all morning home at 1.15
stayed home all afternoon
sewing.  Home all evening
writing.  Was afull awful
tired so went to bed at
8.00  Jones called up

Up at 7.  Worked home all
morning. After dinner
Geo. & Jones came down. They
went hunting.  After supper
we went down to Helen’s
took care of the baby. Came home
at 9.45.  Bed at 10.30

Up at 9.00 stayed home all
morning.   After dinner Ty & Geo. Came
down.  We went to walk and
took some pictures.  Then Geo. & I went
to ride.  Ma & Pa up Danvers
Bed at 10.30

NOTE:  More mentions of the boys George, Jones and Ty.  She went to ride on the trolley with George.  A possible sweetheart?  Or just a friend?  We'll have to see in the next few pages of the diary! 


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "My Grandmother’s Diary ~ Part 23, October 6 – October 17, 1920", Nutfield Genealogy, posted May 15, 2017, ( accessed [access date]). 

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