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Surname Saturday ~ BEADLE of Salem, Massachusetts

Colonial Tavern


Samuel Beadle, my 9th great grandfather, is of unknown birth.  It is unknown when he came to New England from England.  He was living in Charlestown, Massachusetts as early as 1656 when he bought a house. "Sameul Beadle, Planter, inhabitant in Charltowne, New England....[purchased a dwelling] on sconse pyont... [including] ... a cow common on the stinted pasture without the Neck.. a hay Lott of an Aker of Meadow, by estimation, more or less, lying at Wilson's poynt on mistik syde". 

Samuel Beadle removed to Salem, about twenty miles away, in 1661 when there was an inquest for their child who drowned in well at the Salem Quarterly Court.  The inquest met 7 September 1661.  "They found the remains laid out on a chest or table; and upon inquiry as to how it came to its death, the parents answered that it was drowned in the well, and no contrary evidence appeared."  [History of Salem, Volume II, page 301]   He lived in a house owned by Philip Cromwell on the corner of Bridge Street and Howard Street (roughly where the Howard Street Cemetery is located today). 

The will of Samuel Beadle was proved in the Salem quarterly court 30:4:1664. 

I Samell Beadle being by Gods pvidents sick & weak of body:yett through the Lords mercy of pfect memorye, doe make this my last will & testament: as followeth:

Impr I giue vnto my son nathanyell Beadle ten shillings: it being as much as I conciud convenyent vpon the divers good considerations alsoe with respect to what I haue already don for him

It I giue to my daughter Dorithy forty shillings ffor the rest of my estate, moueables and vnmoueables, what euer God haue giuen me in this world, (when all my Just debts are paid) I giue to my three smallest children now at home with me, namly Samuell, Thomas, and Elizabeth, equally to be devided betweene them & to be paid at the age, of 21 years my sons & my daughters at ye age of 18 years or maryed & of ye three viz: Samuell Thomas & Elizabeth ye survivers at the time of payment to haue ye deceased pt devided And lastly I doe apoynt my Loveing freind m walter price to be my executor of this my will & mr John Croad & Hillyard veren overseers witnes my hand this 12th of march 1663/64

Hillyard veren
Thomas Watson
Samuell Bedle

Samuel Beadle, Jr. (1643 – 1706), my 8th great grandfather, was a wood turner, and he served in King Philip’s War.  His health failed and in 1681 he became a vintner (wine merchant).    In 1683 he received a license to keep an inn in recognition of his health failing as a result of his service against the Indians in the Narragansett Country. His statement reads:  "Whereas by the providence of God and my hard service in the Narraganset country my health has been much impaired and my body incapable of following my calling (by reason of grievous aches and pains that constantly attend me) the consideration whereof has moved the selectmen of Salem to consider of some fit way for me whereby I might get a livelihood for myself and family and for that end have granted me their approbation for one of the innholders to keep an inn in the town of Salem."[History of Salem, Volume III, page 84]  

During the 1692 Salem witch hysteria John Parker frequented Samuel Beadle's tavern.  One night his wife Alice went to fetch him from the inn and she berated him in front of the other men.  One man, John Westgate, scolded her.  Some weeks later, on his way home from Beadle's tavern, Westgate met up with a black pig that chased him. He swore out a complaint against Alice Parker for witchcraft.  He deposed that she sent the black hog after him.  Alice Parker was hanged on 22 September 1692. 

Samuel, Jr.'s house on St. Peter Street (then known as Prison Lane) was the Beadle's inn described in the witch craft documents from 1692.  He died intestate in 1706, and the property inventory listed a "Jersey boy servant" and an "Indian woman slave". His wife, Hannah, survived him and died with a will dated 29 March 1729 and proved 25 July 1736.

Lemon Beadle (1680 – 1717), my 7th great grandfather, received his unusual name from his mother, Hannah Lemon (1650 – 1736).   He was also a woodcarver (like his father) and an innkeeper (like his father).  He carved signs and figure heads for the bows of ships built in Salem.  He was licensed to keep his own tavern in his own dwelling in 1716.  When Salem built a new Watch House in 1712 he carved “a handsome wooden soldier” for the roof.   I descend from his daughter, Rebecca Beadle (1714 – 1758), my 6th great grandmother, who married John Becket (28 Feb 1715) of the famous Becket shipbuilding family of Salem.

More BEADLE resources:

Samuel Beadle Family: History and Genealogy of Descendants of Samuel Beader, Planter Who lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1656 and died in Salem, Massachusetts in 1664 by Walter J. Beadle, privately printed 1970 (available at Family Search online, at the Ancestry card catalog,  and at the NEHGS manuscript department)

The Essex Antiquarian, Volume 7, pages 172 - 175 "Beadle Genealogy"

The History of Salem, Massachusetts, by Sidney Perley, Volume II, pages 386 – 387 for the BEADLE genealogy.  Various members of the BEADLE family are mentioned in all three volumes of these books, check the index.

Generation 1: Samuel Beadle, born about 1622 in England, died 10 March 1664 in Salem, Massachusetts; married about 1645, probably in Salem, to Susanna Grey.  She was born about 1626 and died 13 February 1661 in Salem.  Seven children.

Generation 2:  Samuel Beadle, Jr., born 1643 in Salem, died before 27 November 1706 in Salem; married on 10 June 1668 in Salem to Hannah Lemon, daughter of Robert Lemon and Mary Unknown.  She was born 7 July 1650 in Salem and died 1736.  Twelve children.

Generation 3: Lemon Beadle, born 30 July 1680 in Salem, died 17 November 1717; married on 4 January 1710 to Rebecca Atwater, daughter of Joshua Atwater and Rebecca Unknown.  She was born 25 February 1687 and died 1727 in Salem.  Two children.  (Rebecca married second to Samuel Phippen on 20 March 1718.  He was the widower of Lemon’s sister, Mary Beadle (1678 – 1715))

Generation 4:  Rebecca Beadle, born 13 January 1714 in Salem, died 13 January 1758; married 3 May 1738 in Salem to John Becket, son of John Becket and Susannah Mason.  He was born 28 February 1715 in Salem, and died 29 August 1781 in Salem.  Thirteen children.

Generation 5:  Hannah Becket m. Joseph Cloutman
Generation 6:  Mary Cloutman m. Abijah Hitchings
Generation 7: Abijah Hitchings m. Eliza Ann Treadwell
Generation 8: Abijah Franklin Hitchings m. Hannah Eliza Lewis
Generation 9: Arthur Treadwell Hitchings m. Florence Etta Hoogerzeil
Generation 10:  Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)


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