Monday, May 1, 2017

NERGC 2017 Pre-Conference Blogging

Here is a compendium of genealogy blog posts from before NERGC (so you can catch up on the reporting and interviewing done of the excellent speakers!).  These are listed chronologically. #NERGC  #NERGC2017

April 19, 2016  from Nancy Remling

Dec. 7, 2016   Sara Campbell, looking forward to NERGC

Dec. 14.  From Elizabeth Pyle Handler

Jan. 5, 2017  From Heather Rojo

Feb. 2  Elizabeth Pyle Hander with Maureen Taylor

Feb. 2,  Marian Wood with Janeen Bjork

Feb. 6    Elizabeth Pyle Handler with Diahan Southard

Feb. 7.  From Randy Seaver

Feb. 9.  Heather Rojo interviews Thomas MacEntee

Feb 13, by Blaine Bettinger  

Feb. 15  Marian Wood interviews Jennifer Zinck

Feb. 16  Heather Rojo interviews Edwin Strickland

Feb. 17  Dan Young interviews Denise Picard Lindgren

Feb. 20  Isabelle Esteves looking forward to NERGC

Feb. 25  Barbara Matthews interviews Elissa Scalise Powell, Jen Baldwin and Michelle D. Novak

Feb. 26  Special Interest Groups from Barbara Carroll at Heather Rojo’s blog

March 5.  Barbara Matthews interviews Warren Bittner

March 26,  Sara Campbell interviews Seema-Jayne Kenney

March 30  Heather Rojo wrote about Bob Anderson at Librarian Day

March 31  Sara Campbell wrote about Mary Tedesco

April 7   Looking forward to NERGC  Heather Rojo

April 9   Marian Wood prepared for NERGC

April 19   NERGC next week by Isabel Esteves

April 23     Upcoming Appearance:  NERGC, April 26 – 29, 2017 by Thomas MacEntee  


To read all the blog posts written during and after the NERGC 2017 conference, use this link:   

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  1. Thank you, Heather! I didn't actually see all of these before the conference. It's never too late to read about NERGC :)