Saturday, May 20, 2017

Salem, Massachusetts Symposium Commemorates the 325th Anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials

On June 10th, 1692 my 9th great grandmother, Bridget Bishop, was the first person hanged during the infamous Salem Witch Trials.  Over several months in 1692 hundreds were accused, 19 were hanged, one was tortured to death, (including many of my other ancestors).

I won't be able to attend this symposium, but it looks like a wonderful commemoration of the frightening events of 1692.  I know several people who will be attending this event, and I will be thinking of them, Bridget Bishop, and all the other innocent victims of the Salem Witch Hysteria on June 10th.

I hope that if you are interested in the 1692 witch trial events, women's history, colonial history, Puritan New England or Salem heritage you might take advantage of this unique opportunity.

UPDATE (from Donna Segar, Salem State University) There will be another event on July 20th at the Salem Maritime Visitor's Center about the new Proctor's Ledge memorial dedication.


  1. I should think this would be an interesting symposium to attend, especially if one has ancestors who lived in Salem at the time of the trials. What a harrowing time and place to be alive! I wonder if you have read The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff? As far as my research goes now I don't have ancestors who lived in in Salem (are nearby) then but I found Schiff's book hugely interesting. I wrote a post about it at

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nancy. Yes, I did read Stacy Schiff's book last year, as well as Tad Baker's Storm of Witchcraft. I try to read all the new books about the events of 1692. I descend from Bridget Bishop, George Jacobs and John Proctor, all hanged, as well as from many other victims who were accused and imprisoned.