Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pawcatuck and Westerly, Rhode Island Honor Rolls

These photographs and transcriptions were sent to me by Lawrence Hunter of Connecticut.  He said: "The Towns of Westerly, Rhode Island and Pawcatuck, CT have a joint Veterans memorial to honor those who lost their lives doing WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The memorial is located on the Westerly, RI side of the bridge that connects the two towns via Rte 1. The memorial is in Chronological order of their deaths and does not identify which town they are from."

World War II
Greenwood, James
Berger, Howard C.
Weall, Carlton Jr
Sinclair, Arthur
Lipinski, Stanley
Sullivan, Harold F.
Guarino, James
Amancio, Manuel Jr
Matos, Marion F.
Nowakowski, John Jr
McIninch, Bernard I.
Unkuri, Richard M.
Strafach, Natale N.
Christina, Rosario M.
Martin, Joseph L.
Turano, George A.
Sanschagrin, Nelson, G.
Chinigo, James R.
Ferguson, Charles W.
Johnson, George A.
Howard, Harold G.
MacKenzie, James S.
Doherty, James A.
Fitzpatrick, John H. Jr
Latham, Walter
Ledward, William Jr
Mast, Ewald A.
Thompson, Allan L.
Fortin, Joseph O.
Coyle, Edward F. Jr
Dion, John W.
Harman, Charles Jr
LoPriore, James R.
Grills, John E.
Boumenot, John E.
Long, Henry J.
O`Neil, Robert E.
Greene, Rodman T.
Parry, Edward
Donohue, Richard F.
Collins, George D.
Payne, Donald F.
Tate, Frank C.
Shea, Francis C.
Shea, Gerald A.
Falcone, Anthony L.
Falcone, Natale E.
Mochetti, Lido R.
Castagna, Louis E.
Vocatura, Peter P.
Emilio, James V.
Panciera, Louis Jr
Culotta, Dominic P.
O`Neil, Grant P.
Cappuccio, Pasquale
Aldrich, Frank

Korean Conflict:
Robinson, Donald W.
Choquette, Arthur G Jr
Barr, J. Lindsey
Gaccione, Louis R.
Chase, Howard F. Jr
Harkness, Harry E.

Vietnam Conflict:
Myllymaki, Carl W. III
Gallagher, William J. Jr
James, Edward A.
LaBrecque, William F.
Miller, Robert T.
Wright, Herman W. O. Jr
Jalbert, David
Nigrelli, Thomas L.
Richard, S. Desillier

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