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TAYLOR of Nutfield (now Derry, New Hampshire) ~ Surname Saturday


This family sketch is published here for the Nutfield 300th Anniversary.  The Taylor family also settled early in Nutfield (now Derry, New Hampshire) from Northern Ireland.  It is similar to the "First 16 Families" sketches which you can read at this link:

Some of this information is shared from the “Descendants of Mathew and Janet Taylor” Facebook Group, with help from descendants Betty Taylor Aube and Pat Taylor. For more information, please contact the Taylor Family Association (see below).   There are files available with much more family information, including a complete family history and 13 generations of descendants, at the Facebook group link below.  

Matthew Taylor, born about 1690 in Ireland, died on 26 January 1770 in Londonderry, New Hampshire (now the town of Derry).  He was married about 1720 to Janet (whose maiden name was possibly Wilson or a Dickey?).  She was born about 1705 in Ireland and died about after 22 January 1770 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.  They came to New England on the ship The Wolf. 

In 1729 he was elected as hayward
In 1731 he was part of a committee to find a second minister for the Presbyterian church
In 1732 Matthew Taylor bought Governor Wentworth’s land
In 1736 he witnessed the will of John Morison, Sr.
In 1737 he was elected constable
In 1755 he was elected as tithingman

Matthew Taylor and Janet had ten children:

     1.       John, born 22 Sept 1721 at sea, died 1787; married Margaret Dickey

     2.        Eleanor, born 19 January 1724 in Londonderry and died 1 May 1781 in Truro, Nova Scotia; married about 1743 in Londonderry to Samuel Archibald, son of John Archibald and Margaret Unknown.  He was born 1719 in Ireland and died 15 July 1774 in Truro.  Their children: Matthew (married Janet Fisher), Janet (married John Hinckley), David (married Jean Miller), Agness Nancy (married John Matthew Taylor), Samuel (married 1st Nancy Clayton, 2nd Margaret Archibald), Margaret, John,  James, Robert, Elizabeth, Martha and Eleanor.

     3.       Agnes, born 6 March 1725, in Londonderry, died 17 April 1747; married Deacon Samuel Fisher.

     4.       Capt. Matthew, born 30 October 1727 in Londonderry and died 22 January Truro, Nova Scotia; married about 1751 in Londonderry to Elizabeth Archibald, sister to Samuel Archibald (above) and daughter of John Archibald and Margaret Wilson.  She was born 20 January 1726 in Londonderry and died 4 November 1809 in East River Saint Mary’s, Nova Scotia. Their children:  James, born 1754 in Truro, Nova Scotia, and died 27 January 1834 in Maugerville, New Brunswick married to Rebecca Bartlett (daughter of Richard Bartlett and Mary Robinson) and had six children; John Matthew (married his cousin Agness also known as Nancy – see above); Janet (married David McKean); Robert (married Mehitable Wilson); David (married Eleanor Archibald); Archibald (married 1st Jennet Blair, 2nd Mary MacDonald); William (married 1st Margaret McCurdy, 2nd Hannah Ryder) was born 7 November 1771 in Truro, Nova Scotia and died about 1840 in Shezzetcook, Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia.

     5.       Jannet, born 10 June 1731 in Londonderry, died 23 December 1768 in Londonderry; married first to Joseph Finley; married second to John Anderson.  She is buried at the Old Hill Cemetery in Londonderry, New Hampshire. 

     6.       William, born 23 March 1732/3 in Londonderry and died 1795 in Augusta, Oneida County, New York; married Elizabeth “Betsey” Grimes in 1756.  Their child: Mary (married Capt. John Gregg).  William served as a private in Captain Joshua Abbott’s company of Colonel John Stark’s regiment from April 24 – August 1775 (three months and fifteen days).  He was also a private in Captain Joseph Dearborn’s company. 

     7.       David Taylor, born 10 August in Londonderry, died after 1790; married Margaret Kelsey

     8.       Adam Taylor, born 15 August 1737 in Londonderry, died 13 April 1806; married Mary Cunningham.  He is buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Derry, New Hampshire. 

     9.       Martha, born 15 August 1739; died 1770.

   10.   Samuel, born 1745 in Londonderry, died 1 June 1803; married first to Sarah Fisher; married second to Eunice Lancaster.  He is buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Derry, New Hampshire. 

A descendant of this family, Robert Taylor, built the 200 year old "Up and Down Sawmill" on Island Pond Road in Derry, New Hampshire.  This sawmill has been preserved and maintained by the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation and is part of the New Hampshire State Park system at Ballard State Forest in Derry. Robert Taylor bought the property in 1799 and the current building dates from 1805. The land and sawmill were donated to the state in 1953 by Ernest R. Ballard. You can read more about this sawmill at these links:  and at

There is also a Taylor Public Library in East Derry, established in 1878 from a $1000 bequest from the estate of Emma and Harriet Taylor.  You can watch a sort video about the history of this library at this link:

For more information:

The Taylor Family Association on Facebook 

Musquodoboit Pioneers: A Record of Seventy Families, Their Homesteads and Genealogies 1780-1980,  by Jennie Reid (Volume 1, Hantsport, NS, 1980).

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "TAYLOR of Nutfield (now Derry, New Hampshire) ~ Surname Saturday", Nutfield Genealogy, posted November 23, 2019, ( accessed [access date]).


  1. So awesome to see my family featured in your blog! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for this post. Just note these corrections : Capt. Matthew's son, Archibald, married 1st Jennet Blair & 2nd. Mary Mcdonald and we have as yet to verify Matthew 1st wife Janet's last name - speculation is that she was a Wilson as references have been found supporting a relationship between that Taylor family and the Wilson family - what that relationship was remains a mystery. There is also some speculation that Janet's last name was Dickey. We may never know for certain her maiden name, alas, the trials and tribulations of searching female ancestors. Keep up the good work. Your blog is a must read for those of us with NH connections.

    1. I can easily edit the blog post. Thanks for your information!