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Philo, Illinois Honor Roll

These photos and transcription were sent to me by Dean Reinhart of the Veterans Memorial in Philo, Illinois (Philo Township, Champaign County, Illinois).   The names are in alphabetical order, but are not separated by the name of the conflict or chronological order. 

Adams, Grant B. WWII Burr, John R. WWII
Anders, B. Franklin WWI Burr, Larry D. VN
Anders, Samuel L. WWI Burr, Paul E. WWII
Asklund, Kenneth WWII Burr, Robert D. WWII
Barnes, Russell Albert VN Burton, Clarence J. WWII
Bates, James M. WWII Butler, Richard J. VN
Bates, Wayne T. WWII *Byrd, William D. WWII
Boles, Delbert E. WWII Cain, Francis H. WWII
*Boles, Ernest E. WWII Cain, John L. WWII
Boles, Gernon F. WWII Cain, William A. KOR
Bowen, John VN Carter, Donald L. VN
Bowers, Edward Francis WWII Cekander, Chas. E. WWII
Brand, Thurman K. WWII Christian, Frederick Eugene KOR
Bray, James E. KOR Brand, Robert Irven
Brazelton, George W. KOR *Clark, Kenneth J. WWII
Brazelton, Jerry A. KOR Clark, Kermit M. WWII
Brazelton, Jewell L. KOR, VN Clark, Oliver W. WWII
Brazelton, John D. VN Clennon, Cecil F. WWII
Brazelton, Joseph E. WWII Clennon, John V. WWII
Breen, William F. WWII Clennon, LawrenceT. WWI
Brewer, Kenneth I. WWII Clennon, Leo J. WWII
Buddie, Fred C. WWII Clennon, William F. WWII
Burr, Billy D. KOR Clevenger, Roy M. WWII
Collowhill, Marie Anne WWII, KOR Gorman, William J. KOR
Conley, Mary Kay Craven Grove, L. Bernard KOR
Cox, John A. WWII Grove, Robert W. KOR
Craven, Bradford C. VN Grove, William E. VN
Craven, Fred C. KOR Grothe, Paul WWI
Crump, Robert W. VN Guiney, Robert KOR
Daly, John Phillip Hale, Robert M. KOR
Daly, Chas. B. WWII Hall, Francis C. WWII
Daly, John J. WWII Hamer, Earl L. KOR
Daly, Joseph “Tater” OIF Hamilton, James P. VN
Daly, Leo F. Jr. KOR Happ, Donald L. KOR
Daly, Levi James OIF Harris, Richard W.
Davis, John M. WWII Healy, John VN
Decker, Alvin L. WWII, KOR Freeland, Kenneth W. KOR
Decker, Herman N. WWI Iberg, Mary E. VN
Decker, Maurice F. KOR Koeberlein, Clarence J. KOR
Deem, Thomas E. DS Lawhead, Timothy L.
Dennis, George E. WWII Hosteny, Thomas J. VN
Dennis, Robert J. WWII Hughes, James A. VN
Dilley, Charles E. WWI Ivey, Maurice WWII
Dilley, Collins WWII *Jackson, Paul V. WWII
Dilley, Edward W. WWII Jones, Melvin L. WWII
Dilley, Owen WWII Jones, Richard E. KOR
Dilley, William K. WWII Jones, Robert J. WWII
Ditullio, James J. WWII Kamerer, Barry A. VN
Doss, William D. WWII Kamerer, Richard Farwell WWII
Ducey, Gerald J. WWII Kelley, F. Anthony VN
Ducey, Williams G. WWII Kelley, Howard R. WWII, KOR, VN
Elkins, Stephen B. VN Kibler, George D. VN
Ellars, Harley E. KOR Kirby, Dale E. VN
Ellars, Harley M. WWI Kirby, Kenneth P. VN
Ellars, James W. KOR Kleinmeyer, Willard KOR
Ennis, Edward W. WWII Kreinhop, Paul E. KOR
Evans, Harold M. WWII Lafenhagen, Charles L. WWI
Evans, James F. KOR Lafenhagen, Glen H. KOR
Fehrenbacher, Gerald D. WWII Lauchner, Julian Hawthorne WWII
Fehrenbacher, P. T. WWI Legue, Chester R. WWII
Fiscus, Walter M. WWII Little, Harold J. WWII
Fisher, Kenneth W. WWII Lovingfoss, Fred F. WWI
Fluck, Martin C. KOR Lovingfoss, Robert B. WWII
Franks, David Lyle KOR Lueth, James M. “Mike” VN
Franks, F. Max KOR Lux, Henry WWII
Franks, Joseph R. KOR Mabis, Harvey C. WWII
Franks, Richard M. VN Mast, Clarence N. KOR
Gavel, Nathan S. DS Mast, Paul E. KOR
Godsell, John T. Jr. KOR May, Arthur F. WWI
Godsell, William E. May, Charles F. WWI
Gorman, James F. WWII May, Harold H. WWI
Gorman, Maurice WWII May, William F. WWI
McClennan, Donald F. WWII Plotner, Clarence E. WWII
McCloskey, Lyle D. WWII Plotner, Harold C. WWII
McCloskey, M. L. Jr. WWII Plotner, Paul E. KOR
McCloskey, Roy P. WWII Plotner, Authur F. KOR
McCormick, Thomas P. WWII Proehl, Carl W. WWII
McFall, Raymond C. WWII Proehl, Paul D. WWII
McHenry, Harold E. WWII Rahn, Dale L. VN
McKeon, Roger T. KOR Rash, Timothy B.
McKinney, Charges C. WWII Ray, David R. WWII
McMahon, Thomas WWII Ray, Franklin J. WWII
McMahon, Thomas W. KOR Ray, Joseph W. WWII
Meharry, George F. WWII Reed, Ralph J. WWI
Meharry, Jesse D. WWII Rennels, Donald E. VN
Meharry, John F. WWII Rennels, Robert W. VN
Melohn, Donald F. WWII Reynar, Carmen WWII
Melohn, Henry J. WWI Rice, Nathan L. WWI
Melton, Leo VanBuren VN, KOR Rice, Richard T. KOR
Miller, Roy D. WWII Rice Robert B. KOR
Miller, Donald G. WWII Riggs, Emil G. WWII
Miller, Earl V. WWII Ring, Paul E. WWII
Miller, Robert J. KOR Ring, Vernon E. WWII
Miller, Robert J. WWI Roberts, Cloyde N., Jr. KOR
Miner, Thomas D. WWII Rubenacher, Paul L. WWII
Mitchell, Francis E. WWII Rubenacher, Robert G. WWII
Mitchell, John Jr. WWII Rubenacher, William T. WWII
Mitsdarfer, Edmund F. KOR Rusher, Donald KOR
Moenkhaus, Herbert WWII Rusher, Robert D. KOR
Mooney, John D. WWII Grenda, Robert T.
Mooney, Mark M. WWII Johnson-Jacobsen, Jessica L. OEF
Moore, Wm. C. WWII Norton, Jason D. DS
Mumm, Howard E. WWII Sandwell, Richard E. WWII
Olson, Mervyn Lee KOR Sandwell, Walter J. WWII
O’Neill, Albert J. WWII Schlorff,, Wilbur R. WWII
O’Neill Dennis VN Schmidt, Donald E. KOR
O’Neill, Edmund V. WWII Schotz, Gerald M.
O’Neill, John D. KOR Schumacher, John C. KOR
O’Neill, Raymond WWII Sexton, Ron R. KOR
O’Neill, Wm. C. WWII Shafer, Charles A. WWII
Ordel, Fred E. WWII Shirley, Howard J. WWI
Ordel, Harold F. WWII Silver, Duane W. KOR
Mantell, Susan K. OEF Silver, E. Wallace WWI
Moore, Lee E. Silver, Frank W. KOR
Mumm, Howard H. WWII Silver, John D. WWII
Perry, Delbert E., Sr. WWII
d Silver, Robert J. KOR
Rash, Virgil P. KOR Silver, Walter F. KOR
Reed, Dan E. VN Simmer, Roscoe L. KOR
Patterson, John F. WWII Smalley, Leroy E. WWII
Patterson, Robert C. WWII Smith, Delbert W. WWII
Penman, Augusta WWI Smith, Gerald O. WWII
Penny, Vernon R. WWI Wilson, Harold M. WWII
Peters, Arthur W. WWII Wilson, Henry H. WWII
Peters, Elmer R. WWII Wilson, James A. WWII
Phelps, James K. WWII Wilson, William WWI
Phelps, Wayne KOR Wingfield, Raymond O. WWII
Smith, James F. WWII Witt, Richard A. VN
Smith, John C. WWI Woodworth, Lawrence D. WWII
Smith, Lowell J. WWII Woolsey, Estel Carl WWII
Smith, Lowell W. WWI Wubben, Kenneth E. VN
Smith, Russell E. VN Gorman, Martin KOR
Smith, Wilbert W. WWII Rubenacher, James J. WWII
Stearns, Richard W. WWII Foltz, Delbert J. WWII
Stewart, Charles R. WWI
*Stone, Harold A. VN
Storm, William F. VN
Tarrant, Ray WWI
Tatman, James C. WWII
Taylor, Robert E. KOR
Terven, Dale E. WWII
Thinnes, Charles J. WWII
Thinnes, Mary Florence WWII
Thomas, Harold H., Jr. VN
Sollers, Charles E. WWII, KOR
Wetmore, Kenneth R. KOR
Thomas, Harold Hunt Sr. WWII
Towner, Cecil F. WWII
Traxler, Carol J. VN
Trost, Herbert WWI
Trost, Herbert J. WWII
Trost, Howard WWI
Trowbridge, Milton F. WWII
Vermillion, Joe B. KOR
Walker, David VN
Walker, Kyle D. OIF
*Wall, Wilbert WWII
Warfel, Fred E. WWII
Warren, Homer F. WWII
Warren, John Franklin VN
Werts, Fred D. WWII
Werts, Howard P. KOR
Westendorf, Phillip WWI
White, Noble F. WWII
*Whitt, James E. VN, MIA
Wicklund, Romayne C. KOR
Williams, Kenneth KOR
Williams, Martin F. WWII
Wilson, Arthur M. WWI
Wilson, Carl E. WWII
Wilson, Fred P. WWII

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