Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Aghadowey Rural Kinship Visits Nutfield

Recently about a dozen folks from Northern Ireland visited Nutfield and New England.  The members of the Aghadowey Rural Kinship are a group who promote the history and culture of the Aghadowey area, where Rev. James MacGregor originated, and many members of his flock who came to Nutfield in 1719.  They took a short "pilgrimage" to visit Nutfield (Londonderry and Derry, New Hampshire), Boston, Salem, and Maine.

After a nice potluck dinner at the Derry First Parish Church, I had the pleasure of giving a short talk to our Irish visitors about recent genealogy projects in Nutfield.  This was followed by a presentation by Michelle Knight McQuillen from Aghadowey, who also presented several gifts to Rev. Deborah Roof.    Derry residents Linda Harvey and Paul Lindemann also addressed the residents from Ireland.

Michelle Knight-McQuillen presents a sketch of Aghadowey
to Rev. Roof of Derry's First Parish Church

Paul Lindemann
During their stay in New England the group from Aghadowey also visited Londonderry to tour the Morrison House Museum and to attend a ceremony at the Londonderry Presbyterian Church honoring the 300th anniversary.  They visited the Casco Bay region of Maine where the Scots Irish first wintered in New England in 1718 and 1719 before coming to Nutfield in April 1719.

Our Irish cousins with the staff at the Derry Municipal Center

For the Truly Curious:

The Aghadowey Rural Kinship Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/AghadoweyRuralKinship/ 

October 28, Derry News article "Founded in Faith"


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  1. Who were they and did they represent any of the families who settled in Nutfield?

    1. It is a group of local residents who get together to discuss history and culture. They wanted to see where the Aghadowey people had migrated in 1718. There were no relatives among the group. Just curious people.