Monday, February 25, 2013

Fruitlands in Winter

There is a wonderful view of Mounts Wachusett and Monadnock
from the ridge in Harvard, Massachusetts where you can
find the Fruitlands Museum.

This beautiful cafe is open April to October
but closed all winter, the giftshop is open year round

The red farmhouse at the bottom of the hill
is where Louisa May Alcott lived as a child when her father
joined the transcendentalists at Fruitlands in 1843

The Native American Gallery
In 1914 a wealthy Boston Brahmin, Clara Endicott Sears, bought the site of Bronson Alcott's utopian community, Fruitlands, to start a cultural museum.  She included Native American Art, Shaker collections, and an art gallery, as well as the buildings where the transcendentalists attempted to live as an experimental community.  The museum is surrounded by 210 acres of meadow and forest full of nature trails open year round.  Only the art gallery is open in the winter, the entire museum complex is open April through October.

The visitor's center
There is an exhibit of New England primitive portraits at the art gallery until April 15th.  Click on this link to read my blog post from last week about this wonderful exhibit:

Click here to see photos of Fruitlands Museum in the summertime:

Fruitlands Museum
102 Prospect Hill Road
Harvard, Massachusetts 01451
(978) 456-3924

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