Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo Friday ~ York's Wild Kingdom

Although this photo doesn't look too wild, it was photographed in York, Maine at the zoo known as York's Wild Kingdom.  Perhaps it had a different name in the 1960's. My Mom thinks this was about 1963.  Back then it was a petting zoo, and very tame.  Now there are lots of wild animals in enclosures, and lots of wild amusement park rides for the older kids and adults.

I love the photos of my Dad in his baggy Nantucket red bermuda shorts.  He always had a pair of these, every summer, right up until he passed away in August of 2002.  These are digitized versions of slides, and they are just starting to deteriorate.  You can tell the photos that my Dad took, they are sharp and clear.  The ones Mom took... well....

York Wild Kingdom - 

Copyright 2013, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Nice! You are right about the difference in the clarity of the photos. Is that you in a white dress with red flowers/strawberries on the skirt?

    1. Yes, that's me! I was probably about two and half years old, so the photo is probably about 1963.