Thursday, February 14, 2013

Legacy Quickguides for New Hampshire and Maine

New Hampshire Quickguide
I have been busy this last month on a stealthy project producing the New Hampshire and Maine genealogy Quickguides for Legacy Family Tree.   These are four page lists of online and traditional resources for genealogy research.   They are available as PDF versions, to download to your desktop or mobile device so that you can have instant access to the best links, websites and record groups. 

Both new genealogists and experienced researchers will find the Legacy Quickguides useful, especially if they are installed on your desktop for easy access.  Just click on the links and you will be connected with some of the best resources available online for genealogy.  There are also history timelines, migration routes and individual state research strategies, including tips and tricks specific for research in just New Hampshire or Maine. 

Lists of links include basic state resources, maps, vital records, censuses, court and probate records, cemeteries, land records, newspapers, directories, libraries and archives, blogs, genealogical and historical societies, as well as relevant books and journals.  Each set of resources are arranged in groups for easy location on the pages of the Quickguide.

Maine Quickguide
There is a rumor that the other New England states, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont will soon be represented with Legacy Quickguides.  There is already a Connecticut Genealogy Quickguide available for sale.  I’m glad that at least three of the six  New England states have Quickguides, and are for sale in advance of the NERGC conference on April 17 – 21, 2013 in Manchester, New Hampshire.  

The PDF versions of Legacy Quickguides are only $2.95, and printed/laminated copies are $7.95.  Right now, the New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut Quickguides are only available in PDF form.  Within one day of placing an order for any PDF book from the Legacy Family Tree online store, you are sent the confirmation email with download instructions (but usually much faster than that!).  You can read any Quickguide on your mobile device by installing the Adobe Reader app on your mobile device. 

Links to order the PDF Quickguides:

New Hampshire Genealogy

Maine Genealogy

Connecticut Genealogy by Marian Pierre Louis

Other Legacy Quickguides for genealogy:

The Legacy Family Tree Store

or call 1-800-753-3453 to order!

Disclosure:  I am the author of the NH and ME Legacy Quickguides and receiving compensation for the sales of these products. 

Copyright 2013, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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